Coach Liggon

[email protected]
434-528-6499 ext 30859

Daily Class schedule

1st period- Health & Physical Education 9

2nd period- Health & Physical Education 9

3rd period- Planning

4th period- Strength & Conditioning (All Females)

5th period- Planning (lunch duty 2nd half of lunch)

6th period- Health & Physical Education 9

7th period- Strength & Conditioning (All Females)

**We will rotate every two weeks between Health & PE. We will meet in Room H1 for Health when in rotation. 

Educational Platform: Google Classroom

Each student has been added to the Google Classroom depending on which period they have my class. The students are responsible for any work streamed in the Google classroom. All students are required to join the Classroom and complete any work given. Two grades per week are loaded to PowerSchools.