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Honors Chemistry and Chemistry 

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Safety Video Link

SOL Review Resources

JLab SOL Practice

Interactive Chemistry Practice on All Topics

Chemistry (all periods) 1st 9-weeks interactive review links

Finding the number of sig. figs. made easy video clip

Counting Significant figure interactive review

Big Sig Fig Gig Music Video Clip

Sig. Figs. in Calculations Interactive Quiz

Where the Heck to Round Music Video Clip (sig figs)

Scientific Notation Review

Atomic Structure Interactive Review

Atomic History Review: Crash Course Video Clip

Counting Proton, Electron, Neutron Interactive Chart Review

Calculating Atomic mass (weighted average) interactive site

Calculating Average Atomic Mass Video Clip

Electron configuration review tutorial

I love electron configurations music video

Chemistry (all periods) 2nd 9-weeks nteractive review links

Video clip: Genius of Mendeleev (3 minute clip -Ted-ed )

Periodic Table Review

Periodic Trends Review (Focus on IE and EN)

Valence Electron and Dot Diagrams Review

Binary Ionic Formula Review

Binary Ionic Formula Flash Game: Balancing Ionic Charge

"Nick the Camel" way to remember polyatomic ion video clip

Polyatomic Ion Drag and Drop Charge Game

Polyatomic Ion Review Game

Ionic Bonding Puzzle Piece Game- Balancing Ionic Charge

Ionic Bonding Review

Binary Molecular Nomenclature Review

Ionic Compound Gear Game Review

Lewis Structure Review

Construct a Lewis Structure Interactive Review

Drawing Lewis Dot Structure Interactive

Covalent Bonding Review

Determining Molecular Polarity

Chemistry (all periods) 3rd 9-weeks nteractive review links

Physical and Chemical Changes Virtual Lab Practice

How do you know if a chemical change has occurred?