Honors English 10

10th Grade Honors Course Overview

School Year:  2022-2023

Instructor:  Mrs. Ayau

Date prepared:  August 8, 2021 - subject to change

Course Purpose and Expectation:  ACPS will utilize a thematic approach to integrate the English strands of reading, writing, research, and communication.  To the extent possible, a variety of genres will be utilized during a unit of study. Since this is an honors course, students and parents should expect a more rigorous approach to reading and writing assignments than a standard level English class.   This class is designed to prepare students to enter either Honors English 11 or AP Language and Composition in their junior year, and to lay the foundations in language skills for college studies. Expect to read short stories, novels, a non-fiction book and short non fiction  selections, a play, and poetry as we progress throughout the year. 

Supplies:  Students do not need anything special for this class.  A sizable binder is a good idea; loose leaf paper, sticky notes, pens, and highlighters are useful.  Much of our work will be submitted online through Canvas. 

Types of Compositions:  10th graders will be asked to write practice SOL prompts (argumentative), analytical essays, reflective essays, and a research paper

Homework: Honors students should expect  homework each week.  It is difficult to quantify, but roughly 2-3 nights a week you WILL have English work to complete at home.  Homework may consist of finishing a reading assignment, writing assignment, studying for a quiz or test, answering study questions,  or working on  special projects.   

Grading Policy:  Like last year, grades will fall into two categories:  mastery of concept (60%) and measure of progress (40%). I will follow the school policy for late and missed work.  Please note that grades below a 50 and zeroes CAN AND WILL be assigned

Late Work: By late work, I mean work that you simply did not get turned in on time (not talking about excused absences).  For the first half of the year, I will “give” you two late passes.  This means that you can turn in an assignment 1-2 days late with NO PENALTY.  Just write LP on the top of it.  Once those two passes are used up , your work is late and you will lose 10 points per day.  After five days, I will not accept your work - it will be a zero.   Exceptions may be made in extreme situations.  This would need to be negotiated on a case by case situation with parental input. 

Teacher Contact:  I urge parents to encourage their students to advocate for themselves and solve as many problems on their own as they can. When approached in a respectful manner, we teachers are a very accommodating group of people.  We want to ensure that our students feel comfortable and ready to be successful.   That being said, if parents need to reach me, please email me or call the school.

Email:  [email protected]