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Classes Taught: 
Algebra 1 and Algebra SOL Enrichment

Welcome to Amherst High School!

The supplies need for Algebra are 4 AAA batteries used in the graphing calculators. Paper and pen or pencil.

August 15 -19 Represent verbal and algebric expressions.  Evaluate expressions. Quiz 8/19.


Holiday 9/5

College day 9/14

Picture day 9/21

August 22-26 Absolute Value,Fractions on the calculator. Order of Operations and evaluate expressions. Quiz Friday.

August 29-Sept. 2 Evaluate and Simplifying expressions. Combine like terms. First test.

September 6-9 Sept. 6 Distribute with like terms. 9/7-9 Solve one step equations. Quiz Friday.

September 12-16 Solve mult-step equations.

September 19-23 Solve more mult-step equations. Test 9/23.

September 26-30 Solve and graph inequalities. Quiz 9/30.

Oct. 3-7 Solve literal equations and properties.

Oct 10-12 Solve proportions and review for 9 weeks test. 10/13 first 9 weeks test.

No school 10/17. Oct. 18-21 Functions.

Oct. 24-28 Evaluate functions. Graph lines with tables and calculators.

Oct.31- Nov. 4 Solve and graph lines with x and y intercepts. Slope. Quiz 11/4

No School 11/8

Nov. 7 to 11 Slope from an equation. Graph lines with the slope-intercept form.

Nov. 14-18 Find the equation of a line from 2 points. Test 11/16. Interims 11/18.

Nov21 and 22 Graph Inequalities.

Nov. 28-Dec 2 Direct and Inverse Variation.

Dec. 5 to 7 Solve Systems of equations. Dec. 8 and 9 Review for 9 weeks test.

9 weeks Test 12/12. Study!!!

Dec. 13 to 16 Systems of equations.

Jan 2 No School

Jan.3-6 Addition Method Jan. 6 End of the second 9 weeks.

Jan. 9-12 Mult. addition method.  Workday 1/13.

Holiday 1/16/17

Jan. 17 report cards go out.

Jan. 17-20 Finish the Addition Method. Test 1/20.

Jan. 23-27 Systems of Inequalities. Confences 1/25 4:30 to 6:30.

Jan.30 -Feb.3 Finish Systems of Inequalities.

Feb 6-10 Laws of Exponents.

Feb. 13-17 Laws of Exponents, divide and negative exponents.

Feb 20-24 Exponent test and Add polynomials.

Feb.27-March 3 Add,subtract ,mult and divide polynomials.

March 6-8 Box Method with Polynomials. March 9-10 Find the GCF.

March 13-16 9 weeks review (graphing method). 9 WEEKS TEST 3/15.

No School 3/17 and 3/20.

March 21-24 Factor the GCF.

March 27-31 Factoring

April 3-7 Finish Factoring. Test  Simplify radicals.

April 10-17 Spring Break April 25 Interims

April 18-21 Solve quadratic equations.

April 24-28 Simplify square roots and cube roots.


May 1-12 Stats. Unit --Z-scores, Box and Whisker Plots, MAD, standard deviation, line of best fit and curve of best fit.

The school offers after school tutoring for the Algebra 1 SOL on Tuesdays from 3 to 5 in the Math Lab. Students can ride the activity bus.

May 1-5 Z-scores and cental tendancy.

May 8-12 Standard deviation and box and whisker plots.

May15-18 Mean absolute deviation and Line and curve of best fit.

Friday May 19 Algebra 1 SOL TEST.

Friday Ma 26 Retake Algebra 1 Test.

9 weeks test May 31.

Summer Retake for SOL

July 10 to 21


Free Breakfast

8 to 11:30




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