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Ms Driskill

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Algebra 1 and Algebra SOL Enrichment

Welcome to Amherst High School!

The supplies need for Algebra are 4 AAA batteries used in the graphing calculators. Paper and pen or pencil.

7 period needs a notebook.

Aug. 13 back to school day.

Aug. 17-21 we will cover Expressions,Properties and Order of Operations.

Aug. 24-28 Evaluate Expressions and Properties. Test Tuesday Sept. 1.

Aug 28 Quiz 2. Start Conbining like terms.

Aug. 31-Sept 4 Solve Mult. step equations. Quiz 3 Friday Sept. 4.

No School Sept. 7. Sept.8-11 Solve Equations. Double block test Tuesday Sept. 8.

Sept. 14-18 Solving Equations. Test Thursday 9/17.

Sept. 21-25 7th period solve equations and proportions. Quiz 9/25.

Sept.21-25 Periods 2-6 Solve mult-step equations. Quiz Friday.

9 weeks test Oct.9-15.

Sept. 28-Oct 2 7th period Solve inequalities. Equation and Inequality test Oct 1.

Sept. 28-Oct. 2nd -6 periods Solve proportions. 3rd test on equations Oct 1.

Oct. 5-9 7th period Solve word problems and literal equations. Quiz Friday 10/9.

Oct 5-9 2nd-6th period Solve and graph inequalities. Quiz Friday 10/9.

Oct 12-16 Solve literal equations and review for the 9 weeks test. 9 WEEKS TEST IS OCT. 15.

No school Oct. 19.

Oct. 20 - 23 Domain ,range and Functions. Quiz Friday 23. Report Cards come home 10/23.

Oct. 26 - 26 Evaluate Functions 10/26. Function Test 10/27. Graph lines from tables 10/28-30 Quiz 10/30

Nov.3 Workday

Nov. 2 -6 Slope formula, slope from the equation of a line. Slope quiz 11/6.

Nov. 9-13 Slope Test Tuesday 11/10. Equation of a line:given slope and y-intercept, given 1 point and slopeand given two points. Quiz 11/13 on equations.

Nov. 16-20 Find equations from 2 points. Equation Test 11/19. Friday 11/20 Graph lines from tables.

Nov. 23,24 Graph lines from tables. Quiz 11/24.

Nov. 30 to Dec 4 Graph lines with intercepts, calculatore and slope intercept form.

Dec. 4 Graphing line Quiz.

Dec. 7-11 Graph Inequalities Dec. 10 Graphing Test.

Dec.11-15 Direct and Inverse Variation.

Dec. 18  Nine Week Assessment

Jan. 10 -13 Graph Systems of equations and inequalities. Friday 1/14 Workday

1/18 Holiday

Jan. 19-22 Systems of Inequalities. Test on Graphing Thursday 1/21.

Jan. 28-29 Elimination/Addition Method

Feb. 1-5 Elimination/Mult. Method, Quiz Friday 2/5.

Feb. 8-12 Laws of Exponents, first law Mult. ,second power to a power. Quiz Friday 2/12.

Feb. 15-19 Laws of Exponents: divide and negative. Test 2/18.






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