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Ms Driskill

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Algebra 1 and Algebra SOL Enrichment

Wecome to a new school year!

First period seniors will study the Algebra SOL and have the opportunity to take the test Aug.28.

Algebra 1 Aug.18-22 Verbal and Algebraic Expressions,Properties

I have purchased a notebook and folder for each student. A classroom set of graphing calculators are in my room(118) for students to use during the day. The one school supply you need for my class is 4 AAA batteries. We use these in the calculators.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Mrs Driskill

Aug. 25-29 Order of Operations Quiz Friday 8/29.

Sept 1 no school

Sept. 2-5 Sovling Equations Test 9/5.

Sept. 15-19 Combining like terms in Equations.

Sept. 18 BACK to SCHOOL NIGHT 5:30 to 7:30

Sept. 22-26 solve Multi-step equations. Test Friday 9/26.

Sept.29-Oct.3 Still solving equations. We will also do word problems,perimeter and literal equations. Test Oct. 3


Oct. 6-10 Solve literal equations and solve and graph inequalities.

Second 9 Weeks

Oct.20-23 Graph points,domain, range and functions. Workday Friday Oct. 24

Nov. 3-7 slope, graph lines with tables and calculators. No school Tuesday Nov. 4.

Nov. 10-14 Graph lines with x and y intercepts and slope intercept form.

Nov. 17-21 Finding the equation oh a line with 2 points and one point and the slope. Test 11/21.

Thanksgiving Break 11/26-28.

Dec. 1-5 Graph Inequalities. SOL Test for 1st period 12/5

Dec. 8-12 Direct and Inverse Variation.


Winter Break Dec.22- Jan. 2 2015.

Jan. 5 to 9 Graph Systems of Equations and Inequalities. Quiz 1/9/15

The end of the second 9 weeks is 1/12/15.

Jan. 12 to 15 Solve Systems of Equations by Elimination

No school 1/16/15 and 1/19/15.

Jan. 20-23 Learning the Elimination Method with a Quiz on Friday.

Jan. 26-30 Finishing the Elimination Method with a Test Friday 1/30.

Feb. 2-6 Rules for Exponents: mult. ,power to a power ,neg. and dividing.

Feb 9-13 Rules for Exponents: dividing and mixing rules; test on exponents Feb 18

March 30 - April 3 3/30 Students will factor the greatest common factor. 3/31 to 4/3 students will factor trinomials. Fridat 4/3 will be a test on factoring.

April 6-10 Spring Break

April 13 - 17 We will factor more trinomials.

April 16 Conferences.

April 27- May 1 Simplify Radicals, Square Roots and Cube Roots

May 1 Test on Radicals

May 1--Jr. take Algebra 1 SOL

May 4-15 Stats. Box and Whisker Plots, Curve of Best Fit and Z-scores

May 18-21 SOL REVIEW

May 22 Algebra 1 SOL!!!!

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