Spring Trip Information and Itinerary


Important Announcements and Instructions

* all Fundraiser forms are to be organized and turned in Tuesday, Feb 21, first thing in the morning if possible.

* the remainder of the Trip payments are due Tuesday, Feb 21st, first thing in the morning if possible. We must get the remainder of the payments to finish paying for our rooms, bus, etc.

*Travel Medical Release forms are due Tuesday, Feb 21st, in order to organize emergengy information. Students will not be able to travel without it.

* The procedure for Thursday will be as follows. All students traveling to Nashville will eat first lunch. Be sure to take advantage of this, we will not stop again for several hours. We will start packing the bus at Noon. We will need all the men to be available to pack to ensure we are organized. 

-girls costumes should be packed in their boxes or regular suitcases. Mens may have hanging bags for their suits. Please hang all costumes the moment you check in to your room. 

- you are required to only pack a medium size bag, we will not have a huge need for lots of changes of clothes. You will not need dressy clothes other than costumes. We have all the set pieces and instruments to pack as well.

*Instrumentalists/stage hands must have complete black outfits for stage performances. Mens must have long black dess socks and black belt for costumes. Women must wear appropriate garments to ensure the ingegrity of the costume. A leotard is manditory by all girls changing.

* I have attached another copy of the Nashville letter in case you need one.

*I will discuss all rules and regulations on Wednesday.