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Ms Susan Steele

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Classes Taught: 
Spanish I



Spanish I

Week of April 20-24

Objective: to properly pronounce and memorize vocabulary of places to go, how to use the verb "to go" and 11 interrogative words in Chapter 4A.

Monday Apr 27     Recite, associate and address cognates for ne vocabulary from Ch 4A

Tues Apr 28        Warmup QUIZ: The verb IR

                             Practice with Ir + a

                             Homework:  Vocabulary Challenge worksheet for WL #1 Ch 4A

                                                  QUIZ Ch 4A WL#1

Wed Apr 29        Complete review exercise using WL#1

                             QUIZ, Ch 4a WL#1 

Thurs Apr 30      Lectura: 11 Interrogatives

                            Complete worksheet using Interrogaives      

Fri May 1             QUIZ Interrogatives            






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