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Ms Susan Steele

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Classes Taught: 
Spanish I



Spanish I



Week of Jan 12-15

Objective: to acquire more vacabulary of the classroom and how to state where an item is located using prepositional phrases of lcation; to learn the form of "to be" which is temporary (estar)

 Mon Jan 5  SHORT DAY-Review the verb ESTAR. how to conjugate, what makes it irregular, how used

                     -Recite and review the verbs from Word List #1 and associate words from Word List #2

                      HW: QUIZ TUESDAY on Estar


                     Wed QUIZ Ch 2B Word List #1

                     Thurs QUIZ Ch 2b Word List #2

Tues Jan 13   -Quiz on Estar

                           BRING BOOKS to class from here on until told otherwise!

                            Complete Vocab Exercise for Word List #1 Ch 2b

                           HW: QUIZ Word List #1

Wed Jan 14    -Complete Missing Links for WL#1

                          -QUIZ Ch 2B WL#1

                         HW: Complete Vocab Activity for WL#2

                                    QUIZ on Word List #2

Thur Jan 15   Complete Missing Links for WL#2 Ch 2B

                         QUIZ on Word List #2 Ch 2B  

Fri Jan 16-Mon Jan 18 off for 4-day weekend       






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