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Ms Susan Steele

434-528-6499 ext
Classes Taught: 
Spanish I

Mon Feb 20 > Fri Feb 24, 2017


Objective: to learn to say and spell the vocabulary of  foods of breakfast and lunch; to review how to conjugate Present Tense AR Verbs from Ch 2A so we can move ahead to learning how to conjugate the Er and IR verbs


Mon Feb 20    Review Homeowrk worksheet: Review of AR Verbs; Pronounce and associate

                       Ch 3A WK#1 vocabulary

                       HW: study Ch3A Vocab List #1

Tues Feb 21  Fill in Word List #2 for Ch 3A; work with vocab from WL#1;

                      HW: QUIZ on WL#1 tomorrow

Wed Feb 22   Remediation for SOL's-shortened periods-SOL's after (history)

                      QUIZ WL #1 Ch 3A

Th Feb 23     Prep for spelling Quiz on Ch3a WL#2 vocab     


Fri Feb 24   QUIZ Ch 3A WL#2      






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