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Spanish I



Spanish I

Week of October 6-10

Objective: to learn the vocabulary necessary in order to express what activities you like and do not like to do, or to express agreement or disagreement


Monday Oct 6   Review 2 new vocabulary Word Lists for Chapter 1A (filled in last week for Sub)

                              -learn to pronounce- recite and associate with cognates

                           HW: Begin to study Word List #2 for Quiz on Wed!


Tuesday Oct 7  Lectura: Gustar  (to like)

                           Practice with Word List #2 Chapter 1A Verbs

                              Complete WL #2 Mezcla Activity

                          HW: Complete Word Search for Chap 1A WL#2

                                  Spelling  QUIZ Wed on WL#2


Wed Oct 8       Spelling QUIZ Ch 1A WL#2

                         Activity with Multi-Flow Map

                         HW: Study WL#2 Chap 1A


Thurs Oct 9     Practice with Chap 1A Vocab

                             Complete Letras Perdidas Activity for WL#1

                              Complete Word Search For WL#1 Ch 1A

                         HW: QUIZ on Ch 1A WL#1

                                  Finish Ch 1a WL#1 Jumble


Fri Oct 10        QUIZ Chap 1A WL #1 (sub)

Week of October 13-17

Objective: to assess the use of Gustar for express positive and negative likes and dislikes; to assess thw Chapter 1A Chapter Test; to Assess the 9-Wk Test


Monday Octobr 13   Review of using Gustar in positive and negative statements (using no, nada, and

                                         -complete Worksheet 1A-2 & 3; review

                                        -complete SS- Negatives and Gustar

                                        HW: Quiz on Infinitives and negatives

Tues Oct 14             Quiz on Infinitives and Negatives

                                    Fill in Ch 1A Organizer

                                   HW: Complete Crossword Puzzle for Ch 1a; CHAPTER 1A Chapter TEST

Wed Oct 15             Chapter 1A Chapter Test

                                  Complete Activity 1A-6 using negative Gustar statements

                                  HW: Recognition Quiz Thurs for all words in Chapter 1A


Thur Oct 16           Recognition Quiz for vocab in Chapter 1A

                                 Review for 9-Wk Assessment

                                HW: Study for 9-Wk Assessment

Fri Oct 17              1st Qtr 9-Week Assessment

















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