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Ms Susan Steele

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Classes Taught: 
Spanish I



Spanish I



Week of Mar 2-6

Objective: to acquire vocabulary from Chapter 3A of Mexican foods  and to learn how to conjugate ER and IR verbs; to use Gustar correctly

Mon Mar 2         Workbook Pratice with Verbs

Tues Mar 3        Review homework assigment "Review of AR Verbs" in class

                             Warmup: Conjugating Verbs

                            Announce:   Quiz on Conjugating Verbs on Tursday Mar 5

                                                   QUIZ on Gustar Fri Mar 6

Wed Mar 4        Lectura: Using GUSTAR

                            Practice Conjugating Verbs

                             HW:  QUIZ AR ER IR Verbs in the Present Tense

Thurs Mar 5       QUIZ: Verbs

                             More practice with Gustar

                             HW: QUIZ using Gustar

Fri Mar 6             QUIZ on Gustar






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