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Spanish I



Spanish I


Week of Sept 8-12

Objective: Assess on Numbers, Greetings and Body Parts; Learn vocabulary to Tell Time and to say the days and months

Mon Sept 8  Learn how to use the Warmup Journal: Practice with Greetings

                     Review of Numbers 0-100 and 1000- recite, discuss "Bridge Numbers"

                    Complete "Worksheet: Review of Numbers"; review answers with students

                                      -use this for study tonite! (fold and re-use)

                    HW: Complete Word Search fo Greetings

                            QUIZ  Quiz PE-1 Greetins, Numbers and Body Parts

Tues Sept 9  QUIZ PE-1 Greetings, Numbers and Body Parts

                       Lectura #5: Telling Time in Spanish

Wed Sept 10  Warmup: Journal Telling Time

                        finish Lectura #5

                       Complete Bubble Map to compare the first 1/2 hour to the second 1/2 hour in Spanish

                       HW: Complete Time Worksheet

                      Note! Coming Friday: Quiz on Telling Time

Thurs Sept 11 Take notes: Days of Week and Months

                         Repeat and Recite Days and Months

                        Review HW answers

                        HW: QUIZ TELLING TIME

Fri Sept 12     QUIZ Telling Time

                       Fill in new Word Lists #4 and #5

Week of Sept 15-19

Mon Sept 15   Review Days of Week and Months of Year (on your notes)

                       Review Homework from Fri (packet) - Telling Time and Activity #7

                        HW: Quiz on Days of Week

Tues Sept 16  Quiz: Days of Week

                        Review HW:  Word List 4; associate and pronounce

                        Review how to write today's date

                        HW: Spelling Quiz on Months of Year

Wed Sept 17   Spelling Quiz: Months of Year

                        Learning Maps  exercise

                        Review Word List #5; associate and pronounce

                       HW: Quiz on Classroom Objects (top of WL # 4)

                                 Complete Practice Workbook P-

                        Note: Chapter Quiz P-2: Classroom objects, days of week and writing the dates on FRIDAY

Thurs Sept 18 Review HW: WB P-6 (see above)

                        Quiz: Classroom Objects

                        Complete WB Ex P-8 in class

                       HW: Chapter Quiz P-2 on Classroom Objects, days of weeks, and writing out the date

Fri Sept 19     Missing Letters using Word List #4

                        QUIZ: Chapter Quiz P-4

                      After Quiz: Complete WB Exercise P-7




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