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Ms Susan Steele

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Classes Taught: 
Spanish I



Spanish I


Thur Nov 13          QUIZ: The Grid

                                Practice using Word List #1 on WS 2A-1&2-finish for HW

                                HW: Learn the vocabulary of Word LIst #1 for a quiz

Fri Nov 14              QUIZ Ch 2B Word List #1 Spelling and Meaning

                                Complete Workbbook Ex 2A-3&4

                                Finish worksheet for Homework

Week of November 17-21 

Objective: to assess vocabulary of subjects and class periods in order to discuss a student schedule; to conjugate verbs in the present tense

Mon Nov 17          Turn in HW:  Workbook Ex 2A-3&4

                               Translate Chapter 2A Dialog on paper and turn in

                               Complete WL#1&2 Mezclas for Chapter 2A

                               HW:  finish Mezcla and Quiz on WL#2 on Wednesday

Tues Nov 18       Major Lectura! Lectura #12: Conjugating Present Tense -AR Verbs

                                    -take notes, practice examples

Wed  Nov 19       QUIZ Chapter 2B vocabulary Word List #2 snf Subject Pronouns

                               Practice on Present Tense AR Verbs worksheet GP 2A: 3&4 (finish for homework)


Thur Nov 20        Review of lecture on Present Tense of AR Verbs

                                Review HW: GP 2A

                              Complete SS 2A-4 worksheet

                              Homework: complete SS 2A-4 if not completed

                                                     quiz tomorrow on Present Tense

Fri Nov 21           QUIZ Present Tense of AR Verbs








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