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Ms Susan Steele

434-528-6499 ext
Classes Taught: 
Spanish I

Mon Sept 11--> Fri Sept 15


Objective: to learn ten parts of the body and additional greetingson the Chapter PE Word List #2; to learn how to tell time in Spanish

 Mon Sept 11       1st Period: observe 9/11;  take numbers QUIZ (0-100)

                                              recite 10 body parts from Cap PE Word List #2      

                            3-7th:  observe 9/11; recite and associate ten body parts

                            on board: QUIZ on ten body arts on Wed Sept 13

Tues Sept 12       Review Cap PE WL#2, reciting and associating body parts, more greetings                                   and how to say Mr, Mrs., and Miss

                            Complete Worksheet using new greetings & putting them into proper order

                            HW: Study for Quiz on body parts tomorrow

Wed Sept 13       Remediation Day (shortened classes) for SOL's

                            QUIZ: Ten body parts and "Me duele..."

                            Lectura  #4: Telling Time

                            on board: QUIZ on Friday Sept 15 on Telling Time

Thurs  Sept 14   Continue Lectura #4: Telling Time

                          Complete worksheet to practice telling time in Spanish

Fri Sept 15         QUIZ on Telling Time in Spanish

Next week: Spirit Week: red, white and blue on Mon., Decade Day on Tues, Dress to IMpress on Wed, Whacky Tacky Day on Thurs, and School Spirit colors on Friday

Homecoming game with Brookville is Friday, Sept 23

Homecoming Dance is Sat Sept 24




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