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Spanish I



Spanish I


Week of August 18-22

Monday and Tuesday  1st and 2nd period will be behind due to assemblies on Monday and Tuesday

                                         Review Syllabus (to be signed by parent)

                                         Receive books

                                         Advise supplies to be needed this year

Wednesday                   Binders and Notebooks due...BRING

                                        1st Period: Syllabus

                                         3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th:Fire exit info, dress code,  Intro to Greetings

                                                                       Homework: Complete Greetings

Thursday                       1st:  Turn in signed Syllabus

                                                 turn in 4 signed forms (Due today!!)

                                                 Review fo Agenda

                                          3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th: Turn in signed Syllabus

                                                                          Check Homework: Word List #1 Greetings

                                                                           Lectura #1: Grammar: Tu vs. Usted, Punctuation, Vowels, Saying Your Name

                                                                           Homework:  memorize How to ask what someone's name is, and how to say what your name is

 Friday                             Turn in signed Syllabus

                                         1st: finish Agendas

                                                 Lectura #1: Tu vs. Usted, Punctuation, Vowels, Saying Your Name

                                                 Receive WL#1: Greetings - practice pronunciation

                                                                              Homework: Fill in WL#1 carefully using text

                                           3, 5, 6, 7: Turn in Syllabus signed sheet (last day for 100 Quiz grade)

                                                             Warmup: Fill in Journal: What is your name?

                                                              Final check for Notebook Organization

                                                              Video for Chapter PE (text)


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