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Ms Susan Steele

Classes Taught: 
Spanish I

Mon April 23--> Friday April 27


Objective: Vocabulary Week! Learn the vocabulary of dinner foods from Chapter 3B and be assessed on spelling the words correctly

 Mon April 23     Review Vocab of Ch 3B WL#1. recite

                          Review and associate vocan of WL#2. recite

                          Complete Word FOld to practice writing words from WL#1

                          HW: Spelling TEST Ch 3B WL#1 9have had 5 days to learn)

Tues April 24     Prep for Quiz by completing Word Links for WL#1

                           QUIZ Spelling Quiz for WL#1

Wed April 25     Lectura: the plural of the verb SER

                          Recite WL#2 Ch 3B

                          Complete worksheet to practice with WL#2

                          HW: Quiz on WL#2 Ch 3B

Thurs April 26 Complete prep worksheet before Quiz on WL#2

                        QUIZ WL#2 Ch 3B

Fri April 27      QUIZ Conjugation of the verb SER from WL#2


next week: How to form plurals of words and Chapter 3B Chapter TEST






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