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Ms Susan Steele

434-528-6499 ext
Classes Taught: 
Spanish I

Mon Dec 5-> Fri Dec 9 , 2016


Objective: to acquire and learn to use vocabulary of class periods and subject areas; to memorize and draw The Subject Pronoun Grid, and to learn a few more adjectives to describe classes.



Mon Dec 5     Review of The Grid from previous lecture

                      Turn in Homework (Workbook Exercises page 31 nad 32)

                       Audio exercises using new vocabulary of Ch 2A

Tues Dec 6    QUIZ CH 2A Word List #1

Wed Dec 7    Remediation

                     Work with Vocab from Ch 2A WL #2

Thur Dec 8    QUIZ CH 2A Word List #2A

Fri Dec 9       QUIZ Subject Pronouns


   Mon & Tues Dec 12 & 13  9-Wk Assessment Ch 1A and 1B





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