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Spanish I

Spanish I

Assignments for Nov 16-20

Objective: to change the article and/or adjective to correctly match the noun it describes using adjective vocabulary from Chapter 1B; to correctly place the Spanish adjective within a sentence

Mon Nov 16          Warmup: Journal using Adjectives

                             Complete Activity GP 1B-4 Placement of Adjectives

                             HW: Complete "Definite and Indefinite Articles" Worksheet

                                     QUIZ: Definite and Indefinite Articles

Tues Nov 17         Review HW: Definite and Indefinite Articles Worksheet

                            QUIZ on Definite and Indefinite Articles

                            Complete Worksheet: Frases con Adjectivos; review 1st two

Wed Nov 18         Turn in Homework Sentences

                             Complete Activity P-IB-3 to prep for Quiz; review with class

                            QUIZ: Ajectives and Placement of Adjectives

                            HW: Study Vocab of Chapt 1B for Chapter TEST on Friday

Th Nov 19            Frayer Diagram: Adjectives- do with class

                            Get Organizers and Puzzle from Workbook; complete for homework

                            This Is Language: Watch video

                            HW: Chaptr TEST Chapter 1B

Fr Nov 20            Chapter TEST Chapter 1B

                            Select project graphic for 2nd Qtr project

Mon Nov 23         Lectura #12: The Personal Pronoun Grid

                            Work on 2nd Qtr Projects

Tues Nov 24       Warmup: The Personal Pronoun Grid

                           Work on 2nd Qtr Projects




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