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Spanish I



Spanish I

Week of October 27- 31

Objective: To acquire vocabulary that enbles the student to describe people and talk about personality traits; to ask and tell what people are like, and to learn Adjective/Noun Agreement, whereby adjectives must be altered to match teh nouns they describe


Monday Oct 27   Learn to use a Word Fold for memorizing vocabulary; how to fold and fill in

                               Practice using vocabulary of  Cap. 1B Word LIst #1

                             Homeowrk: Study for Spelling QUIZ on Word List #1 tomorrow

                              Note: Quiz Wed on Def and Indef Articles

                                         Quiz Thur on Word List #2


Tuesday Oct 28     Practice using vocabulary of Word List # 1 (Word Links)

                                QUIZ- Spelling Quiz on Word List #1

                                 Complete Definite and Indefinte Articles worksheet

                                 HW: finish worksheet

                                         study for QUIZ on Def and Indefinite Articles


Wed Oct 29   Review worksheet fo Def and Indef Articles from Tuesday

                         QUIZ- Def and Indef Articles

                        Practice using Word List #2 Letras Perdidas Activity

                        HW: QUIZ Cap. 1B Word List #2


Thurs Oct 30 Practice using vocabulary from Word List #2 Cap 1B

                         QUIZ- Spelling Quiz on Word List #2


Fri Oct 31       Warmup: Noun-Adj Agreement

                          Model Placement of Adjectives and practice

                         Complete Guided Practice 1B-4 "Word Order: Placement of Adjectives"


NOTE: QUIZ next Wed Nov 5 on Vocabulary Recognition for Ch 1B

              QUIZ next Thurs Nov 6 on Adjectives and Placement of Adjectives



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