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Ms Susan Steele

434-528-6499 ext
Classes Taught: 
Spanish I

Tues Jan 17 > Fri Jan 20 , 2017


Objective: to review the vocabulary of subject areas and cardinal numbers; to learn how to conjugate an -AR verb in the Present Tense



Tues JaN 17   LECTURE #9: How to conjugate an AR verb in the Present Tense

                       HW: Complete Vocab Challenge Ch 2A WL#1&2

                               QUIZ Vocab Recognition  Ch 2A

Wed Jan 18    Remediation for SOL's-shortened periods

                       Turn in Homework

                       QUIZ: Vocab Recognition Ch 2A

Thur Jan 19    Practice conjugating AR verbs in the present tense

                       HW: QUIZ Conjugation of AR verbs in Present Tense

Fri Jan 20       QUIZ Conjugation


Note: Chapter 2A Chapter TEST on Wed Jan 25






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