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Ms Susan Steele

434-528-6499 ext
Classes Taught: 
Spanish I

Mon Dec 4--> Fri Dec 8


Objective: to memorize the foreign language learning map called The GRID with teh Spanish Subject Pronouns; to begin to learn andmemorize voacabulary of ordinal numbers, adjectives to describe classes and school subjects

 Mon Dec 4       Lectura #9 The Grid


Tues Dec 5      More of The Grid

                         Fill in Ch 2A Word Lists

                         coming: Thurs Dec 7 QUIZ on The Grid

                                       Friday Dec 8 Spelling Quiz on WL#1

Wed Dec 6       Remediation Day (shortened classes) 

                         Learn the meaning, to pronounce and associate new vocab

                          HW: QUIZ tomorrow on The GRID

Thurs Dec 7     QUIZ on The Grid

                         Practice with Ch 2A Word List #1

Fri Dec 8          QUIZ Spelling Ch 2A WL#1

                         Continue Project: The Alamo


Chirstmas break begins December 20





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