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Mrs. Thomas

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English 11

Friday, October 21st



Task #1:  Complete any tasks you didn't do yesterday. 


Task #2:  Play these practice games! 


Rags to Riches:  


Matching Game:


Beat the Examiners:


Online Quiz




Choose "Active and Passive Voice Quiz"



Thursday, October 20th


Task #1:  Writing about a Crime Scene in Passive Voice

Watch the video and answer all questions.




Task #2:  Take this online quiz to test your active and passive voice writing skills (20 questions)



Task #3:  Play this Active & Passive Voice Basketball Game



Task #4:  Complete the Practice Quiz at the link below.


Task #4: When You Are Ready, See Mrs. Thomas for a Graded Quiz on Active and Passive Voice






1.  When you are finished with Practice Tests #1 and #2:

Click on this link below and complete the practice questions you see here.  See Mrs. Thomas for a Key


2.  When finished with EVERY test practice, work on your Future Plans Journal Entry at the link below if you are not finished.






3.  When you are finished with ALL other assignments, complete the PreTest on Pages 7-27 in the Green SOL COACH workbook on the back bookshelf.  Use your own paper to write down your answers. 




NW1 Practice Test 16-17



Click here for the Power Test Login site




Friday, September 23rd



1.  RAINBOW EDIT YOUR PAPER. Revise and edit your papers, then make corrections on Google Docs.  You do not need to re-send the link if you sent it before.


A Slideshow on How To Start Counterclaim Sentences:


2.  Review Week #5 Vocabulary on Study Stack (see link below)




3.  Complete the vocabulary activity below and hand it in for a grade.  You only need to write down the letter of your answer.



4.  Read the biography of Jonathan Edwards at this link:




Summarize each section in two or more sentences: 



I.  Undergraduate Years


II.  Becoming a Pastor


III.  First Great Awakening


IV.  "The first and greatest homegrown American philosopher"


V.  A Mission Post






Go to the following link to study your Week #5 Vocabulary




Tuesday, September 20th


1.  Complete your Rough Draft and send the link to



2.  Print and complete the Persuasive Writing Rubric to evaluate your paper.  The link is at the bottom of the page.  When you are finished, print out a copy of your paper and attach this checklist to it.  Hand it in.



3.  Complete your Journal Entry about your plans after high school.



4.  Print it and hand it in. 


5.  Read "A Narrative of Captivity" on Page 36 in Literature Textbook.  Complete questions 1-6 on Page 43 at the end of the passage. Then complete Vocabulary Development: Synonyms on Page 43





Journal Entry: Plans After High School



Read the assignment at the following link and write your response (approximately one page).  You may type your response.



Friday, September 16th, 2016


Go to the following link and review this week's vocabulary words:



Monday, September 12th

After you have sent the link for your paper, read the following passages and answer the questions that go with them.  



Thursday, September 1st



Choose any prompt you find the most interesting. Write it on your paper, then begin drafting. 



1.  Choose a prompt at the link below and write it down.



2.  Take a position on this topic and brainstorm as much as you can.  Come up with at least one COUNTERCLAIM someone may make about this topic.




3.  This will be handed in for a HW Grade on Friday.

Choose your writing prompt at this link: 









Friday, August 26th



Visit the following links and answer the questions that follow.




1.  Three American Indian Creation Myths (6: 27)


Your Task: Describe the three myths discussed in this video.




2.  Plymouth Colony and the Pilgrims


List several important facts about the Plymouth Colony and the Pilgrims. Who were the first people to arrive at Plymouth Colony?  What happened to them?



Friday, August 19th


Label your paper: 


Literary Terms Review


Activities I completed:  (at least 3)


Quiz or Test:  Score 1


Quiz or Test:  Score 2


Quiz or Test:  Score 3


List of 10 Terms I Need To Review: 


(these terms are the ones that you know you will spend the most time studying)




Using the following link to Study Stack, review these literary terms and then test yourself.




You will find a list of all Review Terms at this link:




Please view this syllabus at the link below and email Mrs. Thomas when you have reviewed the following presentation:








Slide Show:


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