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Mrs. Thomas

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English 10

Mrs. Sarah Thomas


English 11


ACHS English Dept. 







Friday, August 26th



Visit the following links and answer the questions that follow.




1.  Three American Indian Creation Myths (6: 27)


Your Task: Describe the three myths discussed in this video.




2.  Plymouth Colony and the Pilgrims


List several important facts about the Plymouth Colony and the Pilgrims. Who were the first people to arrive at Plymouth Colony?  What happened to them?



Friday, August 19th


Label your paper: 


Literary Terms Review


Activities I completed:  (at least 3)


Quiz or Test:  Score 1


Quiz or Test:  Score 2


Quiz or Test:  Score 3


List of 10 Terms I Need To Review: 


(these terms are the ones that you know you will spend the most time studying)




Using the following link to Study Stack, review these literary terms and then test yourself.




You will find a list of all Review Terms at this link:




Please view this syllabus at the link below and email Mrs. Thomas when you have reviewed the following presentation:








Slide Show:


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