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Week Four-September 8-12

Pre-AP 10

Monday-Double Bubble Maps/Warm-Up/Classism pairs work

Tuesday- Review Indirect Characterization/Indirect Characterization Think/Pair/Share

Wednesday--Scottsboro Boys Documentary

Thursday- F.I.D.D.S for Tone/Strange Fruit Annotation

Friday- Quiz for Chapters 7-12/Class Annotation of Strange Fruit/F.I.D.D.S Chart for Tone

Pre-AP Homework:

9/9-Introduction to the Great Depression Packets due

9/10- Scout or Atticus Indirect Characterization Dialectical Journals Due

9/12-Annotation of  "Strange Fruit" due

9/14-F.I.D.D.S chart for Tone in "Strange Fruit" due

English 10

Monday--. Students will begin compiling evidence for their first short prompt.
Tuesday-- Students will begin compiling analysis of their quotes for their first short prompt. 'Introduction to the Great Depression' packets for pre-reading for To Kill a Mockingbird
Wednesday-- PowerPoint and activity for integrating quotes into an expository paragraph. Review MLA formatting. 
Thursday-- In the lab to begin rough drafts.
Friday-- Complete rough drafts and hand them in at the end of class. 


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