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Ms Lockhart

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October 6-10

Pre-AP 10

Monday- Thinking maps/Discuss TKAMB essay expectations/'Soul of the South' article activity





Pre-AP Homework:

10/6- Read and annotate 'Soul of the South' article selection and complete the 'Soul of the South' reading questions. See the attatchments below. 

10/10-Outlines for TKAMB essays. Below you will find the prompts that you may choose from. Instructions will be given in class. 

Please consider the following when looking at a-c on your introductory paragraph handout:

1. Identify the hook or opening statement in each sample.
2. Identify T.A.G. (title, author, general obervations).
3. Identify transition sentences.
4. Identify the thesis statement.
5. Identify awkward, vague, wordy, or abstract diction.


nIdentify analytical and critical approach. 

English 10

Monday--. Students will begin compiling evidence for their first short prompt.
Tuesday-- Students will begin compiling analysis of their quotes for their first short prompt. 'Introduction to the Great Depression' packets for pre-reading for To Kill a Mockingbird
Wednesday-- PowerPoint and activity for integrating quotes into an expository paragraph. Review MLA formatting. 
Thursday-- In the lab to begin rough drafts.
Friday-- Complete rough drafts and hand them in at the end of class. 


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