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Week Two-August 25-29

Pre-AP 10

Monday-Circle Map Thinking Map--Who am I?/ lit. terms quiz1-10/PASTSO characterization notes

Tuesday- Circle Map/What does it mean to be Southern?/In groups work through PASTSO Tom Beneke chart

Wednesday--Grammar warm/Any questions about RD of prompt due Friday/Look at another student example

Thursday- Discuss Tuesday's circle maps/Begin Introduction to Depression Material

Friday- RD of COADMP prompts due/Library for google docs, google drive, and g-mail tutorial 

Pre-AP Homework:

Thursday, August 28, 2014--Circle Maps Due--What does it mean to be Southern?

Friday, August 29, 2014--RD of COADMP due--How is Tom Beneke different at the end of the story than at the begining? MLA formatted, Thesis and 2 paragraphs, properly formatted paragraphs, works cited page not needed.

English 10

Monday--Circle Maps, Hand in their homework, quiz, discuss questions 1-6 from the handout. 
Tuesday-- Characterization with PASTSO, students work individually, then groups then as a class to work on characterization of Tom Beneke
Wednesday--Continue PASTSO--Posters/Present Posters to class
Thursday--Introduction to the writing process--give them their prompts and their thesis statements--work in threes to craft topic sentences. 
Friday--Discuss outlining--Lab to begin outlines for short prompt. 


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