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English 9, English 10, Creative Writing

We are half way there...Can you believe a New Year?? 2015 

It is hard to believe, but we are excited about the possibilities and all of the new things that students can learn!!

We have hit the ground running...Already learning about Drama (and not the kind we make!). Students are researching William Shakespeare's life, and times. They will create power points and teach the class what they learned! (they can even write the teachers up if we misbehave...)

We will read "Romeo and Juliet" in the 9th Grade, and "A Mid Summer Night's Dream"in the 10th grade...

After our Drama unit we will look forward to " The Pearl" by John Steinbeck for 9th grade, and"Of Mice and Men" for 10th grade. 

Don't you love Great Literature!!!

Please encourage your child to LOVE learning, and understand that every day is an OPPORTUNITY to grow. A student with a positive attitude is worth more than GOLD!!!

Thank you for your contribution!


Ms. Knaup


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