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English 9, English 10, Creative Writing

Today we finished "Freak the Mighty."  I think we were all sad for so many reasons! What a great book! We will have a test on the book tomorrow.

Students learned their 7th "thinking map" today, the Multi-Flow...One more introduction next week! We will continue to integrate these maps into our curriculumn.

Wednesday we will begin a review of Literary Terms, and work with students in developing a study Guide for the 9 week assessment October 16th. 

We will also begin Stienbeck, " The Pearl.  Students have been amazing, working hard at everything we ask!


Scary stories...We are creating mood, tone, and style in Creative Writing. What better time to do it than Halloween?  We will have a contest and see who can scare us the most with their electrifying use of imagery!

Students will also create their own rubrics based on the Power Point notes they take in class. We will continue to look at and discuss various types of writing.

We will begin to look at titles for our magazine, discuss layout, and entry forms.

10th grade....We are still on a journey with William Golding! Deep in the jungle of "Lord of the Flies." We are analyzing our own minds, and the amazing literature of the allegory.

With each allegory Golding gives us something to relate to in today's current events.  We are using the world around us to tie into the microcosm of the world the children set on fire.

As we continue to wrap up our novel we will have a few more quizzes, survival manual, and 9 week assessment on October 16.

Please call me if you have any questions or concerns.


Laurel Knaup

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