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Ms Cyndi Kelley

434-528-6499 ext
Classes Taught: 
Pre-AP 9, Dual Enrollment Advanced Composition, AP Literature

Welcome to Class!

Below are attached syllabi for all three courses I am teaching 2014-15.



Parental Packet and Syllabus is loaded below. The overview of the year is included specific weekly updates/assignments will be listed here.

January 26 Week

Introduction to Globe Theater

Elements of Drama

Context Clues and Shakespeare

Cast of Characters Construction Activity

Act I Romeo and Juliet

Boomark Questions

Figurative Language Workshop

Journal One




January  26 Week

Introduction to Love and Romance

Fairy Tales and Romantic Assumptions

Cinderella Analysis (Double Bubble)

Love in Four Acts: Nick Yee

The Chemistry of Love (TED)

Introduction to Othello



January 26 Week

Othello Act IV and V 

Character Analysis and Discussion

Review of Snippet sections Act s Three - Five

Clips from Othello

Prompt and MC Practice

Syllabus is loaded below as is Works Data Sheet 



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