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Ms Cyndi Kelley

434-528-6499 ext
Classes Taught: 
Advanced Composition/ CVCC ENG 111-112, AP Literature and Composition, English 12

CVCC Dual Enrollment

Researched Essay and Paired PPT work in Environmental Innovations

Teams work in labs to gather resources for individual researched essays

PPT building and shared digital resource page building

  • At home work on reserched essay
  • Review of researched essay format
  • Works Cited and internal citation
  • Exploration of user friendly resource sharing


AP Literature:

AP Test Prep seminars for test on Wednesday

Online prep work for final assement presentation and essay in Oreintalism.



English 12

Victorian Death Customs:  online lesson

Non-fiction reading

Introduction to the Modern Age

Reading and context clues

Select poems




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