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Ms Cyndi Kelley

434-528-6499 ext
Classes Taught: 
Advanced Composition/ CVCC ENG 111, AP Literature and Composition, English 12

WEEK: 9/28


Exploring Rhetorical Context and Genre

Group Powerpoint Presentations of Articles on Teen Tribes

Introduction to Gender Roles: Article by Queen Latifah

Out of the Box: "Act like a Lady" "Be a Man"

Picture Book Analysis: How to Children learn their Roles in Gender?




Sir Gawain and The Green Knight: Prompt

Indtroduction to The Inferno

Part One: Inferno Analysis and Discussion


English 12

The Frame Story: Exploring Courtly Love Concepts

Writing: Maxims on Love

Signorina Violina

Begin the Research Process: The Vacation Plan

Research on Destination, Transportaion, Attractions and Making a Budget



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