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Ms Cyndi Kelley

434-528-6499 ext
Classes Taught: 
Pre-AP 9, Dual Enrollment Advanced Composition, AP Literature

Welcome to Class!

Below are attached syllabi for all three courses I am teaching 2014-15.



Parental Packet and Syllabus is loaded below. The overview of the year is included specific weekly updates/assignments will be listed here.

October 27 Week

Irony and Ambiguity: "Where Are You Going, Where Have you Been"

  • Character Analysis
  • Theme Jigsaw

Grammar Exercises: 

  • Semi-Colons and Colons
  • Run-On Sentences

Independent Reading and Journaling



October 27 Week

Social Media and the Virtual Community


  • Someone to Watch Over Me
  • The Onion: MySpage Outage
  • What's Atually on Your Mind?
  • Chapter 4 --- Composition Text: The Parts of Argument

Class Discussion and Small Group Discussion


October 27 Week

Introduction to Sonnet and Lyric

  • Petrarch/Italian Sonnet
  • Sidney and English Sonnet
  • Spenser
  • Shakespeare
  • Courtly Love and the Ideal
  • Paraphrase and Paired poems


Syllabus is loaded below as is Works Data Sheet 



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