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English 10


Course Description: This course is a combined study of world literature, narrative, and expository composition, library skills, vocabulary studies, grammatical usage, and printed consumer materials.
Course Objectives: The student will…
1.      Participate in a variety of small group activities.
2.      Make and evaluate oral presentations.
3.      Read and interpret a variety of printed consumer materials.
4.      Read and critique a variety of literary genres.
5.      Develop and critique a variety of writings.
6.      Participate in a research project.
7.      Improve vocabulary skills.
Units of Study (Including SOL’s covered):
·         Short Stories (10.1-10.3; 10.7-10.9)
·         Poetry (10.3, 10.5, 10.9)
·         Drama (10.1-10.3; 10.6-10.9)
·         Research (10.7-10.10.10)
·         Continuing Vocabulary Studies (10.7)
·         Independent Reading (10.1-10.3; 10.7-10.9)
·         Novel (10.3; 10-7-10.9)
·         Ongoing Writing Activities (10.7-10.9)
·         Printed Consumer Materials (10.4)
Special Projects
·         Oral History
·         Book Report
·         Group Presentation
Materials (Bring Every Day)
·         Textbook
·         Paper
·         Notebook
·         Pen or pencil
25%     Tests
25%     Compositions and Projects
20%     Nine Weeks Assessments
20%     Journals, Daily Grades, and Quizzes
10%     Homework

Weekly Assignments:

*Over the course of the short story unit, the class will focus on improving skills in reading comprehension and applying the plot format to selected readings. 

 Monday, April 7-  Voc. 3 will be assigned.  Class will finish reading Act I of Julius Caesar.

Tuesday, April 8 -  Class willtake a quiz on Act I.

Wednesday, April 9- Class will define and use vocabulary.  Class will begin reading Act II.

Thursday, April 10- Class will continue reading Act II.

Friday, April 11- Class will take test on vocabulary 1 and continue reading Act II.