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Ms Hartless

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Classes Taught: 
Mythology and English 12

Mythology:  October 20-October 23

Oct. 20---Nine Week Assessment

Oct. 21---Computer Lab--Work on Norse Project

Oct. 22---Computer Lab--Norse Project

Oct. 23---Finish Thor; answer discussion questions about the movie.

Oct. 24--Teacher Work Day


English 12:  October 20-- October 24

Oct. 20---How to use citiations; work on first draft.

              Return note cards; work on outline for paper.

Oct.  21---Computer Lab--Canterbury Tales Project

Oct.  22---Computer lab--Canterbury Tales Project

Oct.  23---Work on presentations/papers.

Oct.  24--Teacher Work Day


Applicable SOL's: 12.3, 12.4, 12.5, 12.6, and 12.7




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