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Ms Hartless

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Classes Taught: 
Mythology and English 12

August 24-28



Monday--Complete questions in Myths & Legends book.

                Read the Greek Creation Story; create an ancestty tree using a Classifying Map.

Tuesday--Go to computer lab to identy the 12 Olympians and the 12 Titans.



Wednesday-- Read the Roman creation story and about Romulus and Remus

                       Complete a comparing and Contrasting Map on the Greek and Roman creation stories.

Thursday--Read about Perseus and Hercules.

Friday--Go to the computer lab to complete an asignment about Jason and the Argonauts.


Project #1 is due Friday.


English 12

Monday--Complete journal entry.

                Finish open book test on the Anglo-Saxons.

                Review the eight basic parts of speech.

Tuesday--Complete a journal entry.

Take notes about Beowulf and begin the read "The Battle with Grendel"

Wednesday--Continue reading Beowulf.

                      Complete a grammar exercise.

Thursday--Complete a journal entry. journal entry.

                  Continue reading Beowulf.

Friday--Complete a journal entry.

             Continue reading Beowulf.




               Assign Vocabulary 1 amd write sentences.

                Read an non-fiction article about Queen Boudicca and complete a Whole-Part Relationship Map




Applicable SOL's: 12.3, 12.4, 12.5, 12.6, and 12.7




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