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Classes Taught: 
1st-English 11/ 2nd-English 11 / 3rd English 11 Inclusion (Ms. Mays )/4th- English 11 Inclusion (Ms. Ellis)/ 5th-Senior Pullouts/ 6th-English 11 Inclusion(Ms. Ellis)/ 7th-Planning

Important Dates:   

9 Week Assessment: Dec. 16


Textbooks:  (A) Elements of Literature*  (B) Language Network*  (C) Literature and Language* (D) Scholastic Scope Literature*  

*Texts A,B, C, and D are classroom sets.

Lesson Plans

Dec. 15-19

Mon:  Warmup:  Commonsense context clue exercise and go over in class. Continue to review for the 9 Week Assessment. 11.3,11.4,11.5, 11.6, 11.7 Begin reading/ discussing a drama of Stephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage from a set of playbook that I have on hand.  11.4b,c

Tues.:  Take the 9 Week Assessment in the ZapMe Lab. 11.3-11.7

Wed.:  Finish reading/discussing The Red Badge of Courage and start the video of the book.  11.4b,c

Thurs.:  Finish the video of The Red Badge of Courage and give a quiz on the selection. 11.4b,c

Fri.:  Do the Internet safety lesson on copyright laws.  Give handouts to students and go over current laws.  Use the Smart Board for illustrations.  Go over the 9 Week Assessment.  11.3-11.7

Jan. 5-9

Mon.:  Pass students a persuasive research topic list and discuss in class.  Hand out a sample research paper for students to peruse in order to gain an understanding of the assignment.  Pass each student a copy of the steps for doing a research paper on a persuasive topic and go over.  Outline the parts of the paper on the Smart Board (title page, outline page, body with citations, and works cited page).  Review sample research paper from Writer's, Inc., on pp. 249+.    Briefly review Tuesday's assignment in the Math Lab from a site called Son of Citation Machine on the Smart Board. 11.8   HW:  Decide on a topic for research by Thursday.  All classes report to the Math Lab on Tuesday.

Tues.:  All classes report to the Math Lab.  Students will be given the information to produce a works cited page and in-text  citations according to  proper format from a web site called Son of Citation Machine. All work will be typed on Word and handed in. 11.8

Wed.:  Review  Thursday's assignment  in the Math Lab:  Students will locate and document relevant information on note and bib. cards , as well as fill out an assignment sheet  for the period that will include a thesis and a preliminary outline. 11.8 Begin the drama, All My Sons by Arthur Miller with an in-class information search.  Choose parts and begin reading the play from Text D, pp.630+ 11.4i,j 2nd Period review for the Mid Term Assessment Test.  All classes report to the Math lLab on Thursday.

Thurs.:  All classes report to the Math Lab.   Students will develop a thesis and a preliminary outline, locate relevant web sites, do resedarch, and write bib. and note cards.  2nd Period will take the Mid Term Assessment before doing research. 11.8

Fri.:  Students will continue reading/discussing Act I of All My Sons.  Show video of the beginning of Act I on You Tube (8:00) 11.4i,j




Course Syllabus and Class Rules for English 11 Standard and Inclusion    

Teachers:        Mr. Chavis  (Inclusion-Ms. Ellis and Ms. Mays)

Textbooks:      Elements of Literature 11 and Language Network 11

Course Description:   This course will provide students with instruction in the

                                        following areas:  reading/American literature, the elements

                                       of proper grammar and punctuation, composition, research,

                                       and oral language.

Course Objective:   1.   Prepare for the SOL writing and reading tests.

                                    2.  Study the history of American literature.

                                    3.  Study grammar and usage problems.

                                    4.  Utilize correct capitalization and punctuation.

                                    5.  Write persuasively.                                          

                                    6.  Utilize research skills to compose a persuasive research paper.

                                    7.  Read and analyze informational materials.

                                    8.  Deliver an oral presentation.

Units of study:           A.  Collection 1:           “Encounters and Foundations”

(literature)                  B.  Collection 2:           “American Romanticism”

                                    C.  Collection 3:          “Transcendentalism”

                                    D.  Collection 4:          “The Rise of Realism”

                                    E.  Collection 5:           “The Moderns”

                                    F.  Collection 6:           “Contemporary Literature”

Units of Study:            A.  Capitalization and Punctuation

(writing skills)            B.  Sentence Fragments and Run-on Sentences

                                    C.  Subject-Verb Agreement

                                    D.   Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

                                    E.   Usage Problems

                                    F.   Sentence Redundancy

                                    G.   Parallelism

                                    H.   Composition and Research

Materials:                    Pen or pencil, paper, textbook, and notebook are required each day.

Grading:                     The standard grading scale for the school will be used.

                                    Homework:  10%     Unit Tests and Compositions:  35%      Daily Work:  35%   

                                    9 Week Assessment:  20%


Classroom                   All students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner at

Behavior:                      all times.  Any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.  Students are

                                       not allowed to talk while the teacher or another student is speaking.  You

                                      are also required to stay awake and be attentive.  No eating or drinking.  No cell phone usage 

                                      or texting.   The tardy policy for the school will apply.


Make-up Work:           When a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to make up work

                                      And ask about the material that was missed.













































































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