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Classes Taught: 
World History II and US/VA Government

World History II 

WHII.9   The student will demonstrate knowledge of the effects of the Industrial Revolution during the nineteenth century by

a)   citing scientific, technological, and industrial developments and explaining how they brought about urbanization and social and environmental changes;

b)   explaining the emergence of capitalism as a dominant economic pattern, and the subsequent development of socialism and communism;

c)   describing the evolution of the nature of work and the labor force, including its effects on families, the status of women and children, the slave trade, and the labor union movement;

d)   explaining the rise of industrial economies and their link to imperialism and nationalism;

e)   assessing the impact of European economic and military power on Asia and Africa, with emphasis on the competition for resources and the responses of colonized peoples.

US/VA Government

GOVT.8  The student will demonstrate knowledge of the organization and powers of the state and local governments described in the Constitution of Virginia by

a)   examining the legislative, executive, and judicial branches;

b)   examining the structure and powers of local governments: county, city, and town;

c)   analyzing the relationship between state and local governments and the roles of regional authorities, governing boards, and commissions;

d)   examining the ways individuals and groups exert influence on state and local governments;

e)   evaluating the effectiveness of citizen efforts to influence decisions of state and local governments by examining historical or contemporary events.

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