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Mr Brame

434-528-6499 ext
Classes Taught: 
US/VA History

2014-2015 Schedule

1st:  Room 108

2nd:  Hall Duty

3rd:  Room 109

4th:  Room 105

5th:  Room 107 (2nd Lunch)

6th:  Room 116

7th:  Planning

Below you will find a link to copies of powerpoints we have used in class alongside copies of worksheets and handouts we go over on a daily basis.  Please be advised that not every assignment or attachment will be uploaded to this website.  Class attendance is essential to success in this class.  Please contact me anytime with questions due to absences or grades.

Log ON:  areedusva

Password:  usvahistory


Monday March 30th:  Begin Cold War notes, Cold War narrative and questions

Tuesday March 31st:  Continue notes and narrative

Wednesday April 1st:  Cold War Continued

Thursday April 2nd:  Finish Cold War notes

Friday Apri 3rd:  Cold War quiz

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