Mrs. Kathleen Ayau

Adv. English 11 & AP English 11


Adv. English 11

Periods Taught:  2nd, 3rd, 4th

Grading Categories:

  homework: 10%

  daily work : 15%

  major grades: 30%

  assessments: 20%

  quizzes:  25%

Syllabus and Course Rules


Make-Up Work
·         If you are absent, I will follow the handbook guidelines for make-up work: 1 day absent = 1 day to make up assignments; 2 days absent = 2 days to make up work; 3 or more days absent = 5 days to make-up work. It is 100% your responsibility to  find out what you missed and make it up. Do NOT wait for me to come to you, because I won’t. Please note that school policy has changed. I f your absence is unexcused, you may make up missed work, but the highest score you can receive is a 64.
Late Work
·         I do accept late work; however, I will deduct 15 points per day late.
·         If you are absent because of a school-related activity, work should be turned in BEFORE your trip; if not, it will be considered late. The same is true if you leave early or late on a given day . . . your work is still due! Get it to me before you leave or put it in my box. 
·         I will give one late work pass to each student every 9 weeks. This means that each 9 nine weeks,  you may turn in one assignment a day or two late with no penalty. Simply write “late work pass” on top of your paper and turn it in. This pass may not be used on notebooks, final drafts, or major projects. Also, you may not accumulate late work passes.
·         Extra-credit will be given on almost all quizzes and tests.
·         Extra-credit can be earned by keeping your student planner up to date with English due dates
·         Do NOT ask for any sort of special extra-credit assignment. I do not give them.
Class Rules
·         Be on time - I record tardies religiously
·         Keep your hands to yourself – no kicking, tickling, hair pulling, punching, tripping, excessive touching, even if you think you’re just “playing”
·         No rude or abusive talk to classmates or teacher; definitely no cursing
·         No excessive talking. If you hinder me from teaching and classmates from listening and learning, this is excessive talking.
·         When class is in session, ask permission before getting out of your seat – no walking in front of or behind me while I am teaching.
·         Have needed materials daily.
·         No excessive use of restroom passes. I will report you to nurse, guidance, and call home if you constantly request to go to restroom. 
·         Student planners should be used for hall passes
·         Remain in your seat until the bell rings at the end of class; no clustering around my door.
·         No make-up, lotion or hair preparation in my classroom.
·         Respect my property – computer, desk, books, poster, windows, etc
·         Above all, follow directions the first time given.
Submitting Class Work
·         Assignments are due at the beginning of class, unless otherwise specified. . Papers placed on my desk or table without my knowledge may be lost or end up in the wrong folder. Papers turned in later on during class or during the day are considered late, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
·         Final Drafts: All final drafts of papers or projects must be
·          written neatly in blue or black ink
·          word processed.(preferred)
·         12 pt. font, Times New Roman
·         double-spaced (even if hand-written)
·           no writing on the back side of your paper. 
·         Title page attached
·         Final drafts submitted in pencil will be docked 10 points the first time; not accepted a second time
·         Please print your papers out at home; relying on the library’s printers is risky – library may be closed; your flash drive may not work – the problems are endless. You may not use my printer to print out papers.
·         Other assignments (homework, class work) may be written in pencil or DARK ink – no orange, pink, green, or mixed colors. Homework that is illegible or too light for me to read will be returned and counted as late until appropriately written.
Planning period – 5th, 7th
e-mail: contact me through high school’s e-mail system:
Weekly Assignments
Week #28 - March 19-21, 2014
Wed:  SOL practice multiple choice;  turn in RD of research paper
Thursday : last practice SOL prompt
Fri:  finish SOL final practie prompt;  HW :  work on reading Huck Finn
     Periods Taught:  1st & 6th
     Course Syllabus & Class Rule - see attachment below
Weekly Assignments & Agenda Below:


AP Language & Composition

Week #28

Date: March 17-21, 2014



Turn in: MLK questions


Agenda: 1.) return and review nonnative species

partial prompt  2.) prepare for The Road prompt


HW: finish preparing for The Road prompt



Turn in: XXX


Agenda: The Road  prompt


HW: work on media activity #2



Turn in : media #2


Agenda: SOL prep – the prompt – how is it scored;

Sample prompts; strategies


HW: Start reading The Outliers; Patterns chapter 11 for







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