Ms. Martha Bryant

Ms. Martha Bryant

Martha Bryant - Nurse Aide Instructor

Phone # 434-946-2898 ~ ext. 30146 (office) ~ ext. 30161 (class)

Classes Taught:  Nurse Aide, & Introduction Medical Sciences


Nurse Aide
Intro to Health
Geriatric Disorder Project due Fri. Sept. 27.
Legal terms and application  Wed. Oct. 2nd.
1st 9 weeks test Friday, Oct. 4.
Friends of Rachel- Club day,  to be announced. Students may submit written acts of kindness fo
a chain reaction by grade level to be displayed in the
cafeteria.  A Kindness student of the week will be
selected each week.
Uniform orders by Sept. 30 please.
Nurse Aide Hoodies cost $19.00.
White shoes and watch with second hand prior to
Need proof of  Tuberculosis screening PPD or
Chest x-ray and proof of flu immunization  prior to
October 2nd- Legal Quiz
Customer Service focus and employability skills
during 9 weeks testing days.
Red Cross speaker about blood, Oct. 31st.
Bloodmobile at ACHS gym Thurs. Nov. 14th
Requires parental consent if under 18 years.
Clinical Days:  Tues, Wed, & Fri.  beginning Tues. Oct.15
No clinical if school 2 hours late inclement weather.
December Update:  Centra Health release of info and
bus consents sent home for spring semester.
Some students require a second varicella immunization and
others a lab test called a titer to prove immunity.
See letter and contact information for details.
No clinical until requirements met!
Special Jan & Feb. dates:  Senior breakfast in Jan.
No clinical if a Jan. Monday holiday Jan. 20.
Students will wear red t-shirts and promote heart
healthy lifestyles on Valentines's Day Feb. 14.
3rd 9 weeks projects are due Feb. 7th and can be
a poster, brochure, powerpoint or similar.
Projects may be emailed as an attachment to
College applications may require essays and/or
reference letters.  Student may check with guidance
counselors for assistance.
Monday, March 17- New traffic pattern ACHS after 8am-
end of day.  Travel on thru Town of Amherst due to
road work.  Seniors must turn right to 29 business then
to 29 North or South at Route 60 Amherst exit.
Underclass parking lot will exit near Briar Patch only.
Senior Breakfast moved to March 19,  no clinical.
Clinical Make-up Days are March 11 and 28 so far.
Currently working on Ch. 25- Rehabilitation and
Assistive Devices,  Practicing Range of Motion.
Next Quiz,  Thurs. March 20.
Next Bloodmobile is Thurs.  April 10, ACHS Old Gym.
Students will help with recruiting and refreshments.
Donors must be 16 years old with parental consent.
Projects are due Friday, Sept. 27th.
Students select a career or a disease to research.
Must credit images and research.
Club Day, Sept. 26.  Students may participate in the
Friends of Rachel club- 5 goals, increasing kindness,
the big picture, writing goals and make new friends.
1st 9 weeks test is Friday, Oct. 4th.  Students have study
October 31st- Red Cross speaker about blood.
Bloodmobile at ACHS,  Thurs.  Nov. 14.  Must be at least
16 to donate with parental consent.  Students will
have a Red Cross speaker.  Volunteers needed.
Nutrition- DVD,  make a plate,  how diseases and cultulre
impact diets.  Vocabulary weekly.
Employability chapter next.  Skills include references,
resume, cover letter, mock application and dress up
for an interview.
October:  Emphasis on Customer Service.
Service opportunities:   Food drive and personal size
toiletries collected in November.
Recycle cans for special education Ms. Harvey's class.
New Books arrived in Sept.
 December update:  Students completed human body
systems 9 weeks testing.
 Planning ahead:   CPR and AED training in January.
Mid-Jan and Feb.  First Aide skills.
Next 9 week project due Feb. 7th.  Students may use
a poster, brochure or powerpoint for presentations.
Students may need to use a flashdrive.
Students may email projects as an attachment to
 Last 9 week project:  Drug Research.
Projects due Fri. April 4th.
Students are learning medication safety, English and
Metric measures,  Review of  pharmacology terms,
abbreviations and do not use abbreviations.
Next Bloodmobile is Thursday, April 10, ACHS Old Gym.
Students will help with refreshments and recruiting.
Must be 16 years old with written parental consent.
Students will be learning about rehabilitation therapies,
respiratory therapy and EMS.


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