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Mrs. Walton 2017-2018 School Year

Enjoy your Summer, but remember...English 11 Reading and Writing SOL

Get Prepared...

  • Read!! When you read define words you do not know. You will increase your vocabulary, and work on your spelling skills!!
  • Make Inferences! Wherever you go use your prior knowledge to figure things out...even if you are in trouble...That is a skill on the SOL!
  • Context Clues...If you see a word written somewhere, or said and you do not know what it means look/listen to the context and figure out the meaning...Again, something you will have to do when you return.
  • Try to identify character traits in the people you are around...what motivates them? If you can identify mood in their words and actions then you can do it in a paragraph.
  • Read a paper or article and try to identify the "tone" the writer serious, sarcastic, or just trying to be funny.
  • Always allow yourself to learn, and then you will be ready!!!
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