Mr. Robert Hall, Automotive Technology

Mr. Robert Hall

         The gentleman in the photo below, drove the same car for 82 years!   It's still running today, even though he isn't.             Some people would like to have met him and some people would like to see the car....I want to meet his Mechanic!

       In Amherst County the subject of Automotive Technology is taught in 3 parts.

Part 1 is dedicated to the theory, science, and history of the Automobile. It is a single period, year long class.

Part 2 is dedicated to Engine Operation, Brake Systems, and Suspension/Steering Systems. It occupies 2 periods for the year.

Part 3 is dedicated to Electrical/Electronic Systems and Engine Performance. It also occupies 2 periods for a full year.

       The Automotive Program at Amherst is an excellent start on the road to becoming a professional Automotive Technician and has been used as a foundation course for careers ranging from Motorcycle Tech to Aircraft Engineer


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