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French 4 Weekly Assignments

The assignments for this week are listed below. Please note that they are subject to change as each week progresses.

1st Quarter Overview:

The beginning of the 1st nine-weeks will be spent building up French reading and listening abilities while studying common French free-time activities.


Week of Sept. 19-23

lundi: Read through C3L2 Conversation (TB p. 136-137); Complete TB p.138 act. A-B

mardi: C3L2 Quiz 1; C3L2 Conversation discussion; Write a summary of the conversation you read yesterday.

mercredi: Begin study of le comparatif/le superlatif

jeudi: Continue le comparatif/le superlatif; TB p. 141 act. 1-4

vendredi:  Review le comparatif/ le superlatif
Upcoming Tests/Projects: 
C3L2 Test - Thurs. Sept. 29

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