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French 4 Weekly Assignments

The assignments for this week are listed below. Please note that they are subject to change as each week progresses.


Most of this first nine weeks will be spent discussing traveling, vacations, and destinations. We will be both reviewing vocabulary and learning new vocabulary, reviewing le passe compose and learning the basic functions and structures of the subjunctive verb form.

Week of Sept. 28 - Oct. 2

lundi: C1L3 Vocab #2

mardi: C1L3 Lecture #1 (la meteo de l'europe)

mercredi: C1L3 Lecture #1 (la meteo de la France); TB p. 39 nact. A-D

jeudi: C1L3 vocab quiz #1; Review C1L3 lecture #1; prepare la meteo for a francophone city 

vendredi:  C1L3 Vocab #2 and Lecture #2
Upcoming Tests/Projects:

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