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French 4 Weekly Assignments

The assignments for this week are listed below. Please note that they are subject to change as each week progresses.

2nd Quarter Overview:


This quarter we will read about the youth of France and discover what they like, how they feel about certain issues, and what kind of language they use. With the readings come a study of interrogatives and negation, as well as continued study of the subjunctive.


Week of Nov. 6-10

lundi: Continue C2L1 Lecture partie B

mardi: Election day - no school!

mercredi: Continue C1L2 Lecture parte C; HW - Complete the Jeunes, qui etes-vous? survey

jeudi: Compare our survey responses to the French statistics we read about in C1L2

vendredi: Begin notes on interrogative formations

Upcoming Tests/Projects: 

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