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French 4 Weekly Assignments

The assignments for this week are listed below. Please note that they are subject to change as each week progresses.


This nine weeks we will be studying the passe simple and reading Le Petit Prince (LPP). Check out our "extraterrestres" below!


Week of Jan. 18-22

lundi: Pas d'ecole!

mardi: Discuss LPP C3 and C4; C1-4 vocab review

mercredi: LPP C1-4 comprehension questions due; C1-4 quiz (vocab and comprehension); discuss symbolism; read C5 for homework

jeudi: Discuss LPP C5 and "baobabs"; Read C6 for homework

vendredi:  Reread and discuss LPP C6; Read C7-8 for homework
* In case of snow days, remember to read through to ch. 9 by Tues., 1/26. We will discuss Ch. 5-9 when we come back to school.
Upcoming Tests/Projects:

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