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French I

Course Syllabus



Teacher: Mrs. Chambers

Teacher Email:

Teacher Planning Period: 2nd Period (8:40am-9:30am)


Required Materials: Textbook – Bon voyage! By Conrad Schmitt and Katia Brillié Lutz, supplementary workbook, and a 1 ½ inch 3 ring binder.


Course Description: French I is a beginning level course offered to all students interested in learning the basic speaking and writing structures of the language. Students will be exposed to basic vocabulary and grammar as well as some culture and customs of the French-speaking world.



1.     The student will understand spoken French within the limits of learned vocabulary.

2.     The student will communicate in French using simple structures and learned vocabulary.

3.     The student will read short paragraphs in French.

4.     The student will write simple sentences in French using the present tense.

5.     The student will demonstrate an awareness of French culture and customs.


Classroom Rules and Regulations:

·    Follow directions the first time given.

·     Be respectful to the teacher and your classmates.

·    Come to class prepared and have all necessary materials.

·    Do not place items such as purses, bags, jackets, etc. on your desk during class.

·    Arrive to class on time, remain seated, and be ready to work at the bell.

         ·    Remain seated until the dismissal bell and do not pack up early, as it can be disruptive to the learning enviroment.

·    Ask permission before leaving your seat.

·    Do not place your head on your desk.

·    Be prepared to participate in classroom activities everyday.

·    Follow all rules in the Student Handbook.


If you follow these rules and regulations, I am sure that we will have a very successful and enjoyable year.


Attendance/Make-up Work:

·      It is your responsibility to make up work that you have missed.

·     Students who are absent from school will be allowed to make up work in accordance with the following guidelines. Students absent one day will have one day to make up missed assignments. Students absent two days will have two days to make up missed assignments. Students absent for three or more days will have five days to make up missed assignments.


Grading Policy:

Classwork and classroom participation: 25%

Homework assignments: 10% (turned in on time and in an acceptable form)

Tests/Special Projects: 20%

9 Weeks Tests: 20%

Quizzes: 25%


Please do not hesitate to ask me for help if you are having difficulty understanding the material. 

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