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Algebra 2




Solving Equations and Inequalities

Absolute Value Notes


Weekly Schedule

Monday August 24:  Quiz Solving Equ/Inequ and start Abs Value Equations

Tuesday August 25:  Solving Absolute Value Equations

Wednesday August 26:  Solving  Absolute Equations 

Thursday August 27:  Quiz Solving Absolute Value Equations And State Abs Value Inequalities

Friday August 28:  Absolute Value Inequalities


Homework Reminders

Solving Equations WS due Wed. Aug. 19

Solving Inequalities WS due Fri. Aug 21

Solve Absolute Value Equ Ws Due Thurs. Aug. 27

Quiz/Test Reminders

Monday August 24:  Quiz Solving Equations/Inequalities

Thursday August 27:  Quiz Absolute Value Equations

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