Ms. Latanya Sutphin


Ms. LaTanya Sutphin

My Schedule

Pre - AP Algebra 2 - 1st and 3rd Period
Algebra 2 - 2nd Period
Algebra, Functions, and Data Analysis (AFDA) - 6th and 7th Period
For Quiz & Test Dates, and Handouts check out my webpage:
Amherst County has created a Moodle page for each student, here's how you can login:
 Username:  1st initial of first name  1st initial of middle name  last name  last 2 numbers of student ID
Password:  1st 3 letter of first name 1st 3 numbers of student ID
Example:  John Paul Moore ID# 123456
Username: jpmoore56
Password: joh123
**  both username and password are in lowercase**