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Algebra 2




Solving Equations and Inequalities

Absolute Value Notes


Weekly Schedule

Monday August 31:  Review Absolute Value Inequalities

Tuesday September 1:  Quiz Absolute Value Inequalities

Wednesday September 2:  Test Review 

Thursday September 3:  Test Equations/Inequalities

Friday September 4:  Intro to Functions Domain and Range Graphing Abs. Val. Func.


Homework Reminders

Solving Equations WS due Wed. Aug. 19

Solving Inequalities WS due Fri. Aug 21

Solve Absolute Value Equ Ws Due Thurs. Aug. 27

Solve Abs Val. Inequ WS Due Mon. Aug. 31

Quiz/Test Reminders

Monday August 24:  Quiz Solving Equations/Inequalities

Thursday August 27:  Quiz Absolute Value Equations

Tuesday September 1:  Quiz Absolute Value Inequalities

Thursday September 3:  Test Equations and Inequalities

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