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Algebra 2




Solving Equations and Inequalities     Absolute Value Notes     Graphing Abs. Val. Func.   Simplifying Radicals

Graphing Radical Functions     Complex Numbers     Operations on Functions     Factoring     Quadratics


Weekly Schedule

Monday November 16:  Graphing Quadratics

Tuesday November 17:  Review Quadratics

Wednesday Novemember 18:  Test Quadratic 

Thursday November 19:  End Behavior of Polynomials

Friday November 20:  Increasing/Decreasing Intervals for Polynomials


Homework Reminders

Monday November 16:  Graphing Quadratics WS

Thursday November 19;  Fiinish Exploring Graphs Notes

Friday November 20:  Increaing/Decreasing Exercises

Quiz/Test Reminders

Wednesday November 18:  Test on Quadratics


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