Mr. Hand, Principal



July 17, 2012
Welcome Class of 2016!
It’s hard to believe, but the start of the new school year is upon us. Please allow me to extend my heartfelt welcome to each of you. I value the privilege to serve as the building principal of Amherst County High School. Moreover, it is important to all of us at ACHS that all students, parents, and other invested stakeholders find ACHS to be a caring, friendly, and progressive organization. Our ultimate mission is to mold and build upon each student’s skill set to best provide them with the necessary resources to succeed in the twenty-first century. The administration, faculty, and staff at ACHS pledge to preserve the integrity of the academics with the expectation for ALL STUDENTS to be CAREER and COLLEGE READY. As we make this lofty commitment, we must embrace an unrivaled understanding that this responsibility extends into the home as well as the larger community.
We are excited that you are about to embark on one of the most rewarding milestones of your lifetime.  It is called high school. High school is not only a life changing experience, but equally important, it is fulfilling. At ACHS, we welcome you into our revised Freshman Academy. This strategic freshman transitional program was adopted to equip each student with the necessary tools and resources for enhancing each student’s overall high school experience. The feedback from previous classes punctuates why this program has earned a reputation for success. It is our desire to make it even more successful this year just for you! 
On that note, we are introducing a few changes to our annual Freshman Orientation program. This year all freshmen are requested to attend a scheduled orientation program on Thursday, August 9, 2012, from 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM. The program is designed to disseminate class schedules, allow students to follow an abbreviated daily bell schedule, interact with their new teachers and administrators, and seek answers that relate to the daily operations of the normal school day. As each student arrives, guidance counselors will be stationed in the school main lobby to greet and provide you with your class schedule. Counselors will be assigned as follows: Ms. McCrea (A-Dh), Ms. Meade (Di-J), Ms. Curd (K-Q), Ms. Thomas (R-Z), Ms. Mays, Director. Upon receiving your class schedule you will be directed to assemble in the high school auditorium.  School bus transportation will be provided for those students who may experience difficulty coordinating transportation from home (Information will be posted on the high school website specifying pick-up locations). A parent orientation will be held at 6:00PM in the auditorium for parents of incoming freshman and transfer students. Preferably parents only.
It is so important that you honor this opportunity to not only familiarize yourself with the building, but to gain insight with the rules, regulations and policies of Amherst County High School.   When you are issued your copy of the student handbook, I expect you to carefully review it with a parent and pay special attention to the sections on Student Rules and Regulations on page 45, Attendance Policy on page 1, and Telephone/Cell Phones on page 43.  

Again, I value the opportunity to meet each of you. As the new school year progresses, please visit the ACHS web site for important updates and announcements. My desirable goal is to maintain open communication, encourage parental involvement, and assist each student with attaining a positive high school experience. At any time, if questions arise or if there is an immediate concern, please do not hesitate to contact our administrative offices.
Proud to be a Lancer!
Haywood Hand, Jr.
Principal                                                                      *Please see dress code enclosed with this letter.