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2015 - 2016 Program of Studies

Amherst County High School Program of Studies 2015-2016

Dear Students:

The program of studies is designed to give students and their parent’s information regarding graduation requirements, descriptions of courses being offered, and prerequisite requirements for each course. The program of studies is a guide to assist students as they decide which courses best fit their educational goals and objectives. Our school counselors are here to assist students in the course selection process. Their primary objectives during this process are to certify that students are enrolled in courses that meet state graduation requirements and that students select courses that are appropriate for their abilities and life goals.

The faculty and staff of Amherst County High School will continue to stress the importance of enrollment in the Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) and Advanced Placement (AP) curricula. Enrollment in these courses has proven to serve as a gauge for predicting success in college and beyond. Although we encourage students to take Pre AP and AP courses, it is important to understand that the Pre-AP and AP courses are demanding and the teachers adhere to rigorous academic standards and expectations.

All students entering ninth grade from the 2011- 12 school year and beyond must pass Economics and Personal Finance in order to graduate. Students entering ninth grade beginning in 2013-14 and beyond must earn a Career and Technical Education credential in order to earn a standard diploma. School counselors will monitor students’ academic and career plans to confirm students are enrolled in the necessary courses to meet the graduation requirements for their respective diploma type.

There are many opportunities for our students to achieve a successful educational experience that prepares them for life beyond high school. I encourage all students to take full advantage of the opportunities that Amherst County High School has to offer. School counselors will be available to guide students through the many decisions involved in ensuring all students are career and college ready upon graduation.

William Wells, Ed. D Principal 


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