All District/All State Chorus Information


All District Chorus 

Congratulations to those students who will be Delegates to the 2012 All District Chorus.

Music will be given to them by Thursday Dec 15th and they are to practice with their learning as often as they can. Every sudent must be prepared in order to attend.

The Dates for All District will be February 10th and 11th. It will be held at Albemarle High School.

The fee per student is $30.00. The check must be made payable to ACHS Choral Boosters. The fees are due no later than Wed. January 4th 2012.

I will start having rehearsal in January, so please learn as much as possible.

All State permission form are in those folders of qualified students. If the student wishes to participate in the audition process for All State, then they must bring me the form completed and signed and add an additional $7.00 to the fees. These are also due January 4th.

Learning files will be located at the bottom of this page.


1. Number all your measures in your music, so that when conductor ask you to go to a certain spot you will be prepared.

2. Have three sharpened pencils available for marking your music.

3, Bring a few bottles of water or water container, so you can stay hydrated through out rehearsals.

4. Have a Black folder for your music and pencils, plus any schedules given to you.

5. Wear comfortable clothing on friday for rehearsals, but please follow dress code.

6. Saturday, Men wear black dress pants, White dress shirt, dark tie, and don't forget black shoes, belt, and socks.

7. Saturday, Girls wear black skirt, either knee length or long. White dress blouse, black hose, black shoes. Girls may wear long black dressy slacks, if skirt is not available.

8. Please pack your lunches and snacks for both days. We will not be able to leave for lunch.




ALTO_Exsultate.mp32.46 MB
ALTO_Farewell.mp33.81 MB
ALTO_La Lluvia.mp35.72 MB
ALTO_Praise.mp32.61 MB
ALTO_Wanna.mp33.23 MB
SOP 2_Wanna.mp33.23 MB
SOP 1_Wanna.mp33.23 MB
SOP LA Lluvia.mp35.72 MB
Sop_Exsultate.mp32.46 MB
SOP_Farewell.mp33.81 MB
SOP_Praise.mp32.61 MB
TENOR_Exsultate.mp32.46 MB
TENOR_Farewell.mp33.81 MB
TENOR_La Lluvia.mp35.72 MB
TENOR_Praise.mp32.61 MB
TENOR_Wanna.mp33.23 MB
BASS 1_Wanna.mp33.23 MB
BASS 2_Wanna.mp33.23 MB
BASS_Exsultate.mp32.46 MB
BASS_Farewell.mp33.81 MB
BASS_La Lluvia.mp35.72 MB
BASS_Praise.mp32.61 MB
SOP 1_I Will Be the Earth.mp32.51 MB
SOP 1_Joshua Fought.mp32.83 MB
Sop 1_Salve.mp32.5 MB
SOP 1_She Weeps.mp31.94 MB
SOP 1_Ubi Caritas.mp32.66 MB
SOP 2_I Will Be the Earth.mp32.51 MB
SOP 2_Joshua Fought.mp32.83 MB
SOP 2_Salve.mp32.5 MB
SOP 2_She Weeps.mp31.94 MB
SOP 2_Ubi Caritas.mp32.66 MB
ALTO 1_Salve.mp32.5 MB
ALTO 1_Ubi Caritas.mp32.66 MB
ALTO 2_Salve.mp32.5 MB
ALTO 2_Ubi Caritas.mp32.66 MB
ALTO_I Will Be the Earth.mp32.51 MB
ALTO_Joshua Fought.mp32.83 MB
ALTO_She Weeps.mp31.94 MB
Blow, blow, thou winter wind - ST1.pdf27.32 KB
Blow, blow, thou winter wind - ST2.pdf27.75 KB
Blow, blow, thou winter wind - AB1.pdf27.81 KB
Blow, blow, thou winter wind - AB2.pdf28.16 KB
Blow, blow, thou winter wind - ST1.mp3891.43 KB
Blow, blow, thou winter wind - ST2.mp3891.43 KB
Blow, blow, thou winter wind - AB1.mp3891.43 KB
Blow, blow, thou winter wind - AB2.mp3891.43 KB