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Course Description: Introduction to and practice in interviewing, writing, and publication of news.
Course Objectives:
·         Understand:
o   The importance of communication in society
o   The importance of objectivity in reporting
·         Identify effective leads
·         Distinguish between libel and slander
·         Identify and implement five elements of a lead
·         Write headlines
·         Understand and implement newspaper layout
·         Use oral and written methods to critique school, local, and national journalists
Special Projects:
·         Selection and introduction of guest speakers
·         Mock newscasts
·         Weekly interviews and story assignments
·         Publication of school newspaper
Materials: (Every Day)
·         Notebook
·         Pen or pencil
·         Enthusiasm
50%     News, Stories, and Projects
20%     Nine Weeks Assessments
20%     Daily Grades
10%     Homework
Planning Period: Sixth Period

 Monday, April 7- Class will write questions and set up interviews.

Tuesday, April 8 - Class will conduct interviews.

Wednesday, April 9 - Class will finish interviews and begin work on their second story for the fourth nine weeks.

Thursday, April 10 - Class will edit stories.

Friday, April 11- Class will print and submit stories.