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Algebra 1



Unit 1: Numbers, Verbal Expressions and Properties Unit 2: Solving Equation and Inequalities

Unit 3: Functions and Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities

Part 1          Part 2          Part 3

Unit 4: Systems of Equations

Unit 5: Exponents and Polynomials

Part 1            Part 2

Unit 6: Simplifying Square and Cube Roots
Unit 7: Factoring Unit 8: Quadratic Equations Unit 9: Statistics

Weekly Schedule

Monday November 16:  Find Equation of Line Given Two Points

Tuesday November 17:  Find Equation of Line Given Two Points

Wednesday November 18:  Test Review Linear Equations

Thursday November 19:  Test Linear Equations

Friday November 20:  Graphing Linear Inequalities 


Homework/Classwork Reminders

Tuesday November 17:  Equation of Line Given Two Points WS

Friday November 20:  Graphing Linear Inequalities WS

Quizzes/Tests Reminders

Thursday November 19:  Test Graphing Linear Equations

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