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Welcome to AP Physics!!

This rigorus course prepairs students in advanced physics so that they can earn college credit.  The price of AP test makes it the best deal for college credit.

Instructor: Mr. Collins                      Room: 105                                Email:

                                       High school telephone number: 434-946-2898

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Home Study:  Sci. Not. video

Kinematics in 1-D 

Home study: displacementvideo    Giancolli pgs. 20-21         Knight pgs.6-8

Home study: frame of reference:   video -first 5 min  Giancolli pgs. 20-21         Knight pgs.6-8

Home study: avg. velocity   video    Giancolli pgs. 21-22         Knight pgs.  9-10

Home study: p vs. t graph: video  video2  Giancolli pgs. 38-39          Knight pgs.  31-34

Home study: acceleration: video   Giancolli pgs.24-28             Knight pgs. 42-44

Home study: v vs. t graph video   Giancolli pgs.38-39             Knight pgs. 39-41

Home study: a vs. t graphvideo       Knight pgs. 43 and 46

Home study: solve a problem: video   Giancolli pgs.30-32             Knight pgs. 50-52

Home study: Using g:  video  Giancolli pgs. 32-37        Knight pgs. 52-54

which ball hits ground first

TEST Mon 9/15


Incorrect Laws of motion video - this is what students often think!! its all wrong. 

Home study:  Newton's 1st Law:  video    Giancolli pgs. 78-80     Knight pgs. 103-107

Home study: Newton's 2nd Law:    video  or video  Giancolli pgs.  80-82          Knight pgs.  115-117

Home study: Freebody Diagrams:  video  video    Giancolli pgs. 87-93         Knight pgs.  118-120

Home study:  Friction:                     video   Giancolli pgs. 96-97            Knight pgs.109-110

Home study:Newton's 3rd Law:  video   video    Giancolli pgs.  83-86        Knight pgs. 120-123 

Good Example problem video

Good musicHere and Here and Here and Here and Here and Here!!!  Which is your fav?  Wanta make your own, I'll link to it.

EN Quiz on Forces 9/30/14

two body problems   video   video    video  Atwood's  video   


Home study: What are vecotors   video   Giancolli pgs.             Knight pgs.

Home study: vector components video1   video2           Giancolli pgs.          Knight pgs.

Home study: 2-D Force Problem  video   video      video    <-- Make a tree map of these three videos.  Due Wed. Oct. 8th!!




Home study: Horizontal projection video   Giancolli pgs.  58-65           Knight pgs.84-88

Home study: Angled launch  video    Giancolli pgs. 58-65         Knight pgs. 84-88


monkey and hunter here     shoot and drop here





Work and Energy

Home study: work / power  video   video   video  Giancolli pgs.  146-150        Knight pgs.   290-297

Home study: Forms of Energy   video  K video  U video   Giancolli pgs. 150-153        Knight pgs. 298 -306

Home study:  spring Energy   video  Giancolli pgs. 311-312     Knight pgs. 303 

Home study: Conservation of Energy   video   video Giancolli pgs. 158-165     Knight pgs.  307-309

Open system with work video   video2

Skate Park  Phet wkst  Phet website

Essential Knowledge Quiz 11/6/14  here

TEST  11/13/14



Car Crash Video    wkst

Home study:   p=mv and conservation   video   video  examples video    video Giancolli pgs. 180-187     Knight pgs. 260-269

Elastic and Inelastic collisions  be able to explain the differences  video

Home study:  Impulse   video    Giancolli pgs. 180-187         Knight pgs. 261-266

Home study:  video  elastic and inelastic collisions       Giancolli pgs. 187-190     Knight pgs.  274-275



Circular Mo/ Gravity/ SHM

Home study: SHM Spring   video   Giancolli pgs.             Knight pgs.

Home study: SHM Pend  video    Giancolli pgs.          Knight pgs. 

Home study:  SHM graph   video   Giancolli pgs.             Knight pgs.

  What is gravity? video and Are Astronauts weighless video




Home study: rotational Velocity and Radius  video   video2    video3   Giancolli pgs.  209-214        Knight pgs.  201-203

Home study: torquevideo   video2  Giancolli pgs. 217-219         Knight pgs.  204-211

Home study: rotational momentem  video   Giancolli pgs. 228-230            Knight pgs. 276-280

Gyroscopic Precession video

Home study: rotational energy video   Giancolli pgs.    225-227         Knight pgs. 300-301

bullet block video - you must watch all three!! link from one video to the next

Essential Knowledge Quiz


TEST on Thursday 2-5-15


Home study: wave definitions    video    Giancolli pgs.   326-330       Knight pgs. 447-483

Home study: reflection/interferance/standing wave    video  video2 Giancolli pgs.330-333          Knight pgs.507-511

Home study: Sound    video    Giancolli pgs.347-353          Knight pgs.487

Home study: Resonance   video    Giancolli pgs. 334, 354-355         Knight pgs.516

Home study:  Doppler  video   Giancolli pgs. 365            Knight pgs. 495

Home study: Beats video   Giancolli pgs. 362      Knight pgs.

Bill Nye on waves - a fun waste of time



Home study: Millikan's Oil Drop Exp.  video  

Home Study:  Charge

Home study:  Coulomb's Law   and Coulmb's Law2  Giancolli pgs.          Knight pgs. 




DC Circuits

Home study: Ohms law and Resistivitvideo    Giancolli pgs.          Knight pgs. 

Home study: Resistors in Serievideo   Giancolli pgs.             Knight pgs.

Home study: Resistors in Parallel   video    Giancolli pgs.          Knight pgs. 

Home study: Light bulb bright nesvideo   Giancolli pgs.             Knight pgs.

Home study: combo  video1  video2   Giancolli pgs.          Knight pgs. 

Home study: Kirchhoff Laws  video1    video2  video 3 Giancolli pgs.             Knight pgs.

!!!!!AP PHYSICS 1 TEST  MAY 6th!!!


double slit  video

Fyenman on conservation laws 



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