Mr. Heath Cockerham

Coach "Heath" Cockerham

  • It's going to be another exciting year for Coach Cockerham as he will "split" his schedule between Amherst Middle School and Amherst High School!
  • At Amherst Middle, Coach "C" will be teaching two courses of World History, Part One (Periods 1 and 2).
  • At Amherst High,  Coach "C" will be teaching three courses of World History, Part Two (Periolds 5, 6, and 7).
  • I am excited about the challenges and opportunities that this split schedule will create and I hope that this website will help allievate some of the confusion in regards to classroom expectations, assignments, and general announcements.





Linked below are files for "Course Outlines" for both World History, Part One and World History, Part, Two:


Weekly Update-10/7

World History, Part One (AMS):

Objective(s): WHI.5a

The student will demonstrate knowledge of ancient Greece in terms of its impact on Western civilization bya)    assessing the influence of geography on Greek economic, social, and political development, including the impact of Greek commerce and colonies.

Focus: Ancient Greece

Lessons/Assignments Given: Guided Readings 5.1/5.2, Study Guide for Mesopotamia/Egypt Test

Special Annoucements

  • Test Friday: Mesopotamia/Egypt

  • Powerschool is updated weekly! If you have questions or concerns the best way to contact me is via email at:


World History, Part Two (ACHS):

 Objective(s):WHII.5A/BThe student will demonstrate knowledge of the status and impact of global trade on regional civilizations of the world after 1500 a.d. by


a)    describing the location and development of the Ottoman Empire. 

b)    describing India, including the Mughal Empire and coastal trade.

 Focus: Islamic Empires around 150O CE

Lessons/Assignments Due: Guided Readings; Study Guide: 1st NINE WEEKS TEST!!!!

Special Annoucements:

  • 1st Nine Weeks Exam on THURSDAY!!!!!!!

  • Power school is updated weekly! If you have questions or concerns the best way to contact me is via email at:


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