Mrs. Anne Ferrell

Mrs. Anne Ferrell

My schedule is as follows: 1st period: Advanced Government
                           2nd period: American Government
                           3rd period: Hall Duty
                           4th period: AP Government
                           5th period: Mentor 
                           6th period: Advanced Government
                           7th period: AP Government

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Week of April 21

 AP students:  Test on Chapter 5 on Thursday.  Be ready.  We will begin our review for the AP Exam by checking the work you did on Friday on Political Parties.  Please take this work seriously and read, read, read. 


Advanced/american government students.  We will continue with Chapter 19 this week.  Have the studyguides to chapter 19 section 1, section 2, section 3, and section 4 completed. .  Use your book and the powerpoint labeled Chap 19. Test on Thursday.  Good luck



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