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School Counseling

Who is my Counselor?

Students with last names starting with


Ms. Mary Kay McCrea  > Lead Counselor, working with students A - Dh 

Ms. Patricia Meade  > Counselor for students Di - J

Ms. Lesley Clark  >  Counselor for students K - Q

Ms. Kimberly Thomas  > Counselor for students R - Z


Mrs. Michelle Fluker > Career Coach:

Ms. Patricia Sandidge > Secretary;

Ms. Meshell Robinson > Data Entry and Registrar;

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How can my Counselor help me?

o    Assist all students in mapping out the most appropriate education program. This includes helping to select coursework and programs that best fit the students’ abilities and interest.

o    Help students to determine the best ways to study and learn materials.

o    Explain and answer questions regarding testing programs.

o    Assist all students in preparing to graduate from high school and continuing their education and career choices.

o    Support students dealing with personal/social issues.




                        ACHS Graduation Requirements






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