Pre AP Physics

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Pre AP Physics

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Welcome!! Currently we are covering: On Spring Break, then we will be Covering Static Electricity

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Hello all,

Below you will find an outline of topics with links to the notes, relevant youtube videos, and physicsclassroom web site.  In some cases there may be additional information that you can access.  I hope this is helpful to you.

Semester 1 formula sheet                          Semester 2 formula sheet                        sylabus                  SOL's 



  1st Nine Weeks Pre AP Physics

 1stunit: Sig. Figs./SI Units and Conversion.

    Metric Prefixes    click here for video    


2nd unit Waves

 Click here for Notes       Click here for video    rubens tube video  video break glass with sound   Click here web tutorial


 3rd unit Optics

 Click here for Notes       video on Youngs Double slit    video on drawing ray diagrams   Click here web tutorial

 E/M spectrum Song   Bill Nye concave/convex


    1st nine weeks test October 9th

  2nd nine weeks      Pre AP Physics


   4th unit 1-Dimentional motion

  Click here for Notes       Click for velocity and accel video    Click for Galileo gravity video     Click here web tutorial


  5th unit Forces

 Newton's Laws notes     Vector notes       Click here for video1          Click here for video2      Click here web tutorial

 Julius Sumner MIller was a great physics teacher, below are links to his forces video's

1st law-a  1st law-b  2nd law-a  2nd law-b  3rd law-a  3rd law-b

Seat belts and newton's 1st law video


6th unit 2-Dim motion (projectile and circular)

 Projectile:        Click here for Notes       video of projectile launcher   video solve projectile prob  Click here web tutorial

Circular:            Click here for Notes       Click here for video     Click here web tutorial


   2nd Nine weeks test  December 18th



 3rd Nine Weeks     Pre AP Physics

7th unit Gravitation

Click here for notes       Click here for video1   here for video2        Click here web tutorial


8th unit  Momentum and Impulse

Click here for Notes       Click here for intro video   Click here for example video    Click here web tutorial


9th unit    Energy and Work

Click here for notes     click here for video1  video2   video3      web tutorial


9 weeks test  March 6th

4th nine weeks     Pre AP Physics

10th static Electricity

 Notes     video1       video2      web tutorial


11th Resistance and Ohm's law

Click here for Notes     video1    video2     video3    video4      web tutorial


12th  unit Capacitance and Diodes

Notes     video1  


13th unit  Magnetism

Notes              video           web tutorial


Nine weeks test   date TBD