Mrs. Joellen Carpenter


 Here’s My Story…

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and moved to Virginia a few years after finishing my Bachelor’s Degree at Ohio University. I have worked with different groups/activities at the high school, including Colorguard, ACE, and Dance Team, but stopped when I went back to school to work on getting a Master's Degree. I have two sons that keep me very busy outside of school and you will more than likely hear quite a few stories about them!

A Few Random Thoughts... 

I think that math and language are more closely involved than what you might believe – so don’t be surprised if I correct the way in which you say something.

Math is cool. The end.

I have a big soft spot for animals and spent a long time volunteering at the Humane Society.

I have four brothers and a sister.

I have three pets – two of which are named after characters on Top Gun (thanks to my husband!)

I love Disney movies… and now that I have kids, I have an excuse to watch them again!

Cooking is my relaxing time – and if I get enough time, you might get some treats!


Current Classes

Algebra I:   For information, syllabus, homework assignments, and notes, visit the Algebra I Page.

AP Statistics:  Class description, full syllabus, helpful links, snow day assignments, etc., check the  AP Statistics Page