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Mr Presnell

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Classes Taught: 
Communication Systems and Imaging Technology

Welcome to Mr. Presnell's Webpage!

Daily Schedule (All assignments will be posted and linked as a MicroSoft Word document soon)

*Given the nature of these classes, there is, typically, no homework.  If there is, students will be notified well in advance.*


October 1, 2014

1st Period:  Imaging Technology: Light and Exposure Lecture/Notes, Light and Exposure Project

2nd Period:  Communication Systems:  Introduction to Computers Lecture/Notes, Construct an Abacus Project

3rd Period:  Communication Systems:  Construct an Abacus Project

4th Period:  Imaging Technology:   Image Capture Media Project

5th Period:  Communication Systems:   Digital Editing with Scanned Images Project

7th Period:  Communication Systems:   Construct an Abacus Project

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