Ninth Grade Supply List


Amherst County High School
Freshman Academy
Supply List
All students in the Freshman Academy will need the following supplies for the school year.   Individual teachers may require other items to be used at various times during the year.
Blue and Black Pens (no red)
Calculator (basic 4 function or scientific + - x ÷)
Collegiate Dictionary (for home use)
Colored Pencils or Markers
*Dry Erase Markers
Flash drive
Folder for notebook (3 hole punch - 1 for each class)
Graph Paper
Index Cards
Loose Leaf Paper
Pencils #2
Spiral notebook (1 for English Journal)
Tab Dividers (4 sets)
Three Ring Binders   (4) 1 inch
*Triple A Batteries (4)
*Given to teachers in 1st week of school