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Ms Bryant

434-946-2898 ext. 30146
Classes Taught: 
Nurse Aide 1&2, 5&6, Introduction Medical Sciences 4 &7

Health Occupations classes are in 146 B with a skills lab in 146A.

See course syllabus, pacing guide and project guidelines.

Students are doing Thinking Maps, 1 per week on Fridays.

All classses assisted in September 4th's Red Cross Bloodmobile in various roles.

Nurse Aides will begin clinicals after Centra Health approves immunizations and background checks results.

Once approved, students will have Fairmont clinicals 3 times per week on Tues, Wed. and Fridays.

Transportation consent forms for bus only transportation will be coming soon.

9 weeks projects are due Friday, September 26. 

Parent Teacher Conferences are available Thursday, September 18 between 4:30 and 6:30pm at the high school.

Nurse Aide Hoodies are on sale for  $19.00 for S-XL or  $21.00 for 2X.  We will order early October.

Spirit Week before Homecoming starts on Monday, Sept. 22, wear America colors.

Students make flash cards on quiz items missed for review prior to the 9 weeks Test in October.

Please remind students to review study guides prior to each quiz and test.

See attachments for Syllabus, Pacing, Projects and study guides.

Nutrition Unit- students  are making plates from looking at food groups, nutrients and sources.

We are reading labels for serving size, nutrient percentage, comparing healthy and unhealthy snacks.

Week of Sept. 28-Oct 3,  Nurse aides are adding nail care, elimination and oxygenation skills.

Intro students will be doing individual and group work for cultural, religious and disorder dietary changes.

Project presentations of career choices all classes.

Sequencing or  Flow maps are the Friday map of the week.  What is the first priority, what next, how to

sequence steps to completion.

Rubrics of Project 2-  Mental Health and/or   Legal Issue handouts.  Next Project deadline is Mon. Nov. 24.

Parent contacts for late work, low quiz grades and /or displinary issues as needed.

Monday, October 20,  all elective classes 9 weeks tests.  Students have study guides and flash cards for review.

Nurse Aide students are learning legal terms, signs of abuse or neglect and care of fractures.

Skills:  oxygenation, occupied bed making, elimination, Intake and Output.

Weeks of Octo 13-17:  Intro students are practicing vital signs.  PSAT's are Wed. Oct. 15.

Nursing students will continue skeletal and muscular disorders.

Nursing students who desire flu mists at ACHS, please return consent forms to the first block teacher.

Students getting outside source flu shots,  please send proof of immunization date and place from office or pharmacy.

All bus consents are completed.  Thank you!   Hoodie orders were sent in this week.

Nurse Aide students are doing End of Life projects including cultural diversity due Nov. 24.


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