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Ms Bryant

434-946-2898 ext. 30146
Classes Taught: 
Health Assisting 1&2, 5&6, Introduction Medical Sciences 4 &7

Health Occupations classes are in 146 B with a skills lab in 146A.


Intro students are watching DVD about the first heart surgery.   

Students completed  a unit on  Nutrition, nutrients, how disease and culture/ religion change diets. 

Intro students 2nd 9 weeks projects are about a mental health disorder and due Dec. 2nd.

Spirit week this week includes wearing Pink on  Tues. for Breast Cancer Awareness,

Support for sports teams, jersey day on Wed,  Thursday is character day.

Friday,  10 th graders wear gray, 11th graders wear black and seniors wear maroon for pep rally.

Activity schedule will shorten teaching by 10 minutes periods 1-7,  Pep Rally approx. 2pm in the gym.

Nurse Aide students  are working on projects about end of life include cultural diversity, different religious beliefs.  Students choose a relgion or culture other than their own and share group learning.

Reminder, clinicals are Tues, Wed and Fridays.   No clinical due to pep rally on  Friday, Oct. 28.

Reminder  Senior Breakfast is Friday, Oct. 28.  Students will receive order information about caps, gowns

and invitations for graduation.   

Please turn in CVCC field trip bus consent forms.  The tour of Lynchburg CVCC is between 8-11:30am.

Juniors and Seniors need to complete the bus consents.  The trip is free.


Health Assisting students are practicing putting on  ice or heat,  care for casts and traction,  and specimen collection.

Students have started a unit on Skeletal  system, disorders and fall prevention skills.


 Students who have cleared clinical and background check screenings go to Fairmont 3 days per week.

Nurse Aide Hoodies are being ordered, with small to XL costing $19.00 and 2XL costing 22.50.

Please make checks out to Amherst County High School and put hoodie in the memo line.

The order will be place the  last week of October.

Clinical days will be Tues, Wed and Friday.  Please schedule non-emergency appointments for

Mondays or Thursdays.


All students will need a watch with a second hand for vital signs practice.

4th block students practiced Earthquake drill, fire drill and stadium evacuation plans.



Please contact me for questions or concerns.  

Martha Bryant at ACHS   434-946-2898 ext. 30146


Please turn in all clinical immunization and TB testing results as soon as possible.

Background checks are done at the School Board Office MOn-Friday,  9-10 am and 2-3 pm only.

Centra requires all students to clear health and background checks prior to clinical.

Nurse Aide Test Takers,  see  for July- Dec. 2016  testing dates.

Type in Virginia Nurse Aide under Test takers. 


Questions Before the test Call NACES at 1-800-758-6028.  After the exam, call Pearson vue at



To  Incoming Nurse Aides students,  reminder to get your PPD TB skin tests,  background checks

and immunization records updated  as soon as possible.  Centra must approve health status prior to clinical.  

Two sets of  maroon scrubs are recommended,  a watch with a second hand,  clinical shoes and

black ink pens are important for clinical.  Happy Shopping!

Congratulations  Graduates!  We wish you success.  Please celebrate safely.

 Nurse Aide celebrated 18  students receiving certificates.  13 received Red Cords

from the Red Cross Leadership program for bloodmobile volunteering 8 hours or more,

3 donations and/or 5 recruits.   Class speakers were Katrina Sparrow and Carrie Creamer.




NA students are doing practice tests on   U-Tube video clips for skills.

Study the Green and White booklets for skills steps and essential sequencing.

Skills tests include 5 skills within 25 minutes.


ACHS  first bloodmobile was  Wed. August 31 between 8:30 -3pm. in the gym across from the cafeteria.

All  health occupations classes  participated by helping with the canteen. We collected 27 units!

Senior nurse aide students are earning Red Cross Red Cords for graduation by donating 3 times,

recruiting 5 donors if unable to donate plus  8 volunteer hours. 

Intro students watched Gifted Hands about neurosurgery in August..  We practice vital signs and

infant care skills.    We do skills or a movie on Fridays.

Please encourage good attendance, studying for quizzes and no cell phone use during class.




Please watch the mail for the testing date cards and instructions.  If a change of date if needed,

follow the directions.   Remember to arrive early with 2 acceptable forms of ID and appropriate

clothing for a written and skills demo test. 

Incoming Nurse Aides:  Remember to complete your  background and health checks prior to August.

I will be accepting copies of immunizations,  TB testing and the Centra health records.  The School

board office will send electronic results of the background checks as they clear.  These can take

4-6 weeks to return.   Happy shopping for uniforms, clinical shoes,  black ink pens, a watch with a

second hand and pocket-size note paper or spiral notebook. Sticky notes or a note pad are acceptable.

Please contact me in June or in early August for questions.


 All students continue to use Thinking Maps with content to reinforce learning such as classification,

sequencing, comparing and contrasting.  


Next Bloodmobile at ACHS  is   December 6.  We will recruit around Thanksgiving time.  

Contact number for NACES  is 1-800-758-6028 if you have questions about nurse aide state testing or

to change your application data for  testing date, site or personal address or phone changes.

Good luck to test takers.   Contact Ms. Bryant at ACHS ext. 30146 if questions .  Careers in Care at the Plaza lower level.

See course syllabus, pacing guide and project guidelines.

Students are doing Thinking Maps, 1 per week on Fridays.   We have used clasification and sequencing maps.


Attendance is very important!   

Save the Date:  Winter Bloodmobile Date is  December 6th  in the auxiliary gym.

 Nurse Aide applicants:  must have good grades, behavior and attendance  Please contact me for questions or concerns.  Students must have testing grades at B/80% or above. 

Introduction to Health and Medical Sciences must be completed prior to the clinical course. 

Background checks and health screenings need to be completed prior to August school starting.,


Please remind students to review study guides prior to each quiz and test.

See attachments for Syllabus, Pacing, Projects and study guides.

Rubrics of Project  at least 1 month in advance.

Parent contacts for late work, low quiz grades and /or displinary issues as needed.


Students not wearing appropriate clothing or shoes will be sent to ISD for that period.

Fairmont Crossing clinical days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Fairmont's phone is 946-2850.

Students must be on time to ride the bus to clinical.  No car drivers.  Late arrivals will go to ISD.

   Students make remediation flash cards for  previous quiz questions missed.  Encourage studying.


Intro students  complete CPR and First Aide Skills in Jan.    Nurse Aide Students will be doing

Heart Saver CPR.   If you have already completed Heart Saver or Health Provider CPR,  I need 

a copy of your CPR card. 




Reminder, no clinical if school is closed or 2 hours late.

Clinical make-up may include Thursdays meaning 4 days per week.  No clinical if flu restrictions in winter.

Health Occupations Club is open to any ACHS student in a health related class.


Bloodmobile donors will sign up for appointments during lunches  again in the Fall  sign ups after    summer break. 16 year olds must have parental consent form signed prior to making an apppointment.

Give the gift of life and earn a Red Cord for graduation.




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