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Ms Chandler

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Classes Taught: 
9th grade Girls Health and PE


Any 8th-12th grade Girl interested in trying out for Girls Soccer team please read the information below and contact Coach Chandler with any questions. 


1.       Fundraiser (Optional for 8th graders) (form is listed below to be printed)

·         Turkey Mountain Poinsettias. Cost is $12, and we are selling all 5 varieties.

·         Same as last year if you DO NOT sell any you will pay full price for whatever we order for the team this season. Last year not enough people sold the required amount which is why everyone had to pay for their items.

·         Required to sell a Minimum (least amount) of 15 plants. We only make $6.25 off every plant. If every player sold the 15 required plants we would make $93.75 for each player for a grand total of $3700!!!

·         This would cover the cost of the apparel for the team minus the mandatory items. 

·         Money and Orders will be due by Dec 1stand delivery will be Dec. 3rd   in the Cafeteria. Please make sure you have a ride that day to help you take your orders home.


2.      Pre-Season Conditioning

·         Must have a VHSL physical to participate in any Pre-Season activities!

·         If you plan to join a winter sport and make the team YOU MUST have permission from your coach and I need to speak to them personally for you to attend conditioning practices. Conditioning is NOT mandatory and does not hinder you making the team if you cannot attend.

·         November days will be Nov. 19 and 23rd 3-4:30 MUST HAVE A RIDE AT 4:30!!!!

·         Starting Nov. 30th we will go every Monday and Wednesday until Winter break weather permitting. 3-4:30.

·         We will continue conditioning on January 6th 3-4:30 then will continue every Monday and Wednesday until the start of the season.

·         Attire- Warm and comfortable. Dress for the weather if it is below 40 you must have PANTS AND LONG SLEEVES! Running Shoes and cleats. If you already own soccer equipment make sure to bring it otherwise DO NOT buy equipment until you make the team.

·         Please listen to announcements at the end of the day for any changes or cancellations! You Must have a ride as I cannot stay until 5:30 when the activity bus leaves.


3.      Tryouts

·         When: Monday Feb. 22nd   3:15pm-5:15pm.  You MUST have a completed VHSL physical to tryout. No physical No tryouts.

·         Tryouts will last a week and we want you there every day! Please make sure to dress for the weather!!!!!

·         Be in shape! Make sure to be running and working with the ball in your free time.

·         Day 1 will be a physical fitness assessment, including a timed 2 mile run or the pacer test depending on the weather/field conditions.


4.      JV and Varsity Teams

·         We will be keeping about 18 players per team

·         -Come out to tryouts in shape and ready to play. Also, a great attitude and mental game impress us just as much as your skills on the field do. Discipline, pushing yourself hard, and having a “No I in team” mentality are a big part of the game.

·         Grades: You must be passing 5 of your core classes with a C or higher during the fall semester to be eligible to play in the spring. If you are having trouble in a class please come see me and I will try and find you a tutor.

·         New year = new team…don’t expect to make a certain position just because you played last year.  You have to prove yourself just like everyone else during tryouts.  









9  Week 1 of PE

Bucket Activity

Fitness Log Due


Finish Badmintion 




Starting Dance Unit




Scheduleing with Guidance




Continue with Dance unit


Working in groups on Dance unit




Working in groups on Dance unit



Working in groups on Dance unit


Working in groups on Dance unit


Working in groups on Dance unit

22 Health wk 1









































When absent from PE ONLY  excused or unexcused the student must write a 1/2 page essay on anything to do with physical activity. This essay is due the day after they return to school. This assignment is graded as their participation grade as if they were present in class. If this assignment is not turned it 5 points will be deducted from their PE avg. 


Dear Parents/Guardians,

       Hello, I would like to introduce myself I am Mrs. Chandler and I am your daughters Health and Physical Education teacher. This is my 11th year of teaching and coaching at Amherst County High School. Throughout the year I will post class information on my school webpage  If your child is absent from class please refer to my webpage to get the assignment that will be due when they return. This page will also contain assignments for students that are out due to injury or illness as well as weekly homework assignments. Arrangements will be made for students that do not have access to the internet at home. Please contact me if you have any questions.

I am excited about the new school year and seeing all the new faces. I am looking forward to getting to know your daughter as well as getting to know you.  I hope to show all of my students how enjoyable physical activity can be and to give them the knowledge and skills to be active throughout life. I ask you as the parent/guardian to please encourage your daughter to be prepared for class every day and to participate fully during class. I have attached a copy of my class expectations please take a moment to read over them. Please sign the two pages that are to be returned to me for my records. You may email me which I respond to faster or call me at any time if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Mrs. Chandler

Health and Physical Education

434-946-2898 ext. 30232





PE Dress Code:

·         Shorts/Sweatpants

o    All shorts MUST be knee length or longer (basketball shorts). Absolutely NO SOFFEE SHORTS, LEGGINGS OR SPANDEX!

o    Capri’s and sweatpants are allowed. No PJ pants as it is against school rules.

·         T-Shirt/Sweatshirt

o    The t-shirt may be of any color and have pictures/design on it as long as it falls past the waist band of your shorts/sweatpants.

o    NO tank tops or A-shirts etc. are allowed in gym class.

·         Tennis shoes

o    NO slip on shoes, flats, Toms, Vans without laces, flips flops!!

·         Please bring extras of each to keep in your gym locker in case you forget your clothes or if the class goes outside.

·         Regular school dress code does apply in gym as well.


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