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Bienvenidos, welcome to the class page for Spanish II and III. Below you will find your class syllabus and weekly assignments.

Spanish II Syllabus

Spanish III Syllabus



Spanish III (4/7-4/11)

Weekly Objective: Students will be able to use the subjunctive tense when speaking and writing in Spanish

Monday -  go over HW (Crossword Prep 4A), QUIZ Prep 4A Vocab, fill out Prep 4A (2) List, HW (Prep 4A (2) Puzzle)

Tuesday - go over HW, complete corssowrd Prep 4A (2), QUIZ Prep 4A (2) Vocab, begin notes on Reflexive Verbs

Wednesday - complete notes on Reflexive Verbs, WS 5 (Reflexive Verb practice)

Thursday - crossword for Reflexive Verb meanings, LCD practice, QUIZ Reflexive Verbs

Friday - fill out 4A Vocab List, complete 4A (1) Vocab Puzzle (HW)

**QUIZ (4A (1) Vocab) Monday 4/21)


Spanish II (4/7-4/11)

Weekly Objective: Students will be able to use the irregular past tense when speaking in Spanish

Monday - go over HW WS 4 G, H, & I, QUIZ 11-15 from Irregular Preterite Chart, go over WS 7

Tuesday - NOTES on Direct Object Pronouns, WS 8

Wednesday - WS9, WS 10

Thursday - QUIZ Direct Object Pronouns, review for Chapter 3A Test

Friday -  Chapter 3A Test