Mr. Sales


Dear Fellow Lancers,

My name is Jay Sales and I have the esteemed privilege of serving as assistant principal at our school!  An Amherst County native and graduate of Amherst High, I am excited about our upcoming school year!  As we strive to provide outstanding tutelage to Every Child, Every Day—I invite you to keep the lines of communication open as we ensure that we build positive, proactive relationships with each of our students and their respective families that result in life-ready skills upon graduation--and beyond!

Assuredly, the pandemic and all-things-COVID-19 have created many barriers to the learning of our students.  However, I’ve been so very encouraged that the collaborative spirit of both parents and teachers is shining brighter than ever as we continue to provide outstanding instructional leadership in a safe, challenging albeit fun atmosphere!  As I enter my 31st year as a public school educator, I’ve never been more excited about school leadership and exhibiting all the traits that embody LANCER PRIDE!

Coach Crawford has assembled a phenomenal group of school leaders to serve you and I am super proud to be on the team! 


Mr. Sales


[email protected]
434-528-6499 ext 30234