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Ms Susan Steele

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Classes Taught: 
Spanish I

Tues Apr 18 --> Fri Apr 28


Objective: to learn the vocabulary of foods for dinner and to maintain good health


Tues Apr 18  Review word lists for Ch 3B

                    -complete Letras Perdidas Activity and turn in 

                    -HW: Mezcla Activity fo Ch 3B WL#1

                    -Quiz on Thurs on Ch 3B Wl#1 

Wed Apr 19  Turn in Mezcla HW

                     Translate on Paper PP 150-151 dialogo :Para Mantener La Salud

                         -make wach photo a paragraph and a space in between (8 photos) 

Thur Apr 20  QUIZ Ch 3B WL#1

 Fri  Apr 21   Practice with SER

                    note: Quiz on SER and Word LIst #2 Ch 3B on Tues April 25

Mon  April 24  Complete  Letras Perdidas Activity on Ch 3B WL #1

                       Complete "Mezcla" activity using words from WL#1

                        HW: Spelling Quiz on Ch 3B WL#1

Tues April 25  Turn in HW (Mezcla)

                       Complete Word Links activity as warmup to Quiz...turn in

                       QUIZ Spelling Quiz Ch 3B WL#1

                      HW: Complete WB Activity 3B-5 page 62

                              review both vocab lists for Recognition Quiz tomorrow

Wed April 26  Quiz Recognition Quiz Ch 3B

                      Review answers of Homwwork "Plurals of Adjectives"

                      HW: Quiz Plurals of Adjectives

Thurs Apr 27  Quiz Plurals of Adjectives

                       Complete learning map of words and grammar of Ch 3B

                       HW: Chapter 3B Chapter TEST

Fri Ch 3B Chapter TEST


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