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Mrs Nicklin

434-528-6499 ext. 30877
Classes Taught: 
Biology II/Ecology AND AP Biology

SOL’s - There is no SOL for either course.  However the AP Biology test will be given on May 14, 2018 at 8am.

Ecology students have a class set of text books in the class room.

AP students have a take home book and a set of text books in the class room and a google class page.

Students have received two papers to take home and have signed by parents.  One is about the class and has a portion on the bottom back for parents to sign and give their contact information.  The second sheet is a lab safety sheet that is to give awareness of safety rules, as well as, give parents a chance to notify me if their child has any allergies.  This sheet is also to be signed and returned to the teacher.

The first week of school in ecology students went outside to give their school a grade on it's ecological friendliness.  This week students learned about the subject material of their class by investigating news articles and reporting on them.  Chp 1 sec 1 about Understanding Our Environment vocabulary and notes  will be the focus of the rest of this week and next.

In AP Biology students have performed multiple labs and mini learning labs from creating their own experiment to identify unknown substances, to understanding the importance of wafting, and how to best germinate seeds.  The text book focus is on Chp 52 Ecology and the Biosphere.





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