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Mrs Nicklin

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Classes Taught: 
Biology II/Ecology

Course Description

                Prerequisite:   Biology

                Text:  Holt, Environmental Science

This course studies how organisms interact with each other and the environment.  Major topics to be investigated include terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, matter and energy transfer and community interactions.  The effects of pollution, habitat destruction, and resource

depletion on our planet and its organisms will also be studied.


Course Objectives

The student will investigate and understand the following topics:

3rd 9 weeks:

Chp 8 - Understanding Populations, Chp 10 - Biodiversity, Chp 13 -  Atmosphere & Climate Change.

4th 9 weeks:

Chp 11 - Water, Chp 17 - Nonrenewable Energy, Chp 18 - Renewable Energy.

SOL’s - There is no SOL for this course.


·          Textbook – HOLT Environmental Science (copies are available to take home for those who desire an at home copy.)

·         Three-ringed binder

·         Pocket folder

·         Lined notebook paper

·         Pen/pencil

·         Student Planner

This week of 2/6/17:

SMART goals test on Tuesday, as well as, Chp 8 Test Corrections; Trail walk Wednesday - weather permitting; Firday news reports.

This week of 1/30/17:

Chp 8 Test, Tuesday.  News reports due Friday - new format; use the 5 W's - who, what, when, where, why.  Post news report to google docs and share with Mrs. Nicklin.  Remember to include - article title, author, and website.

This week of 1/23/17 :

Working on understanding relationships within populations.  Chp. 8 Sec. 2.  Quiz Friday on Chp 8 Sec 2.

This week of 1/16/17:

Working on Understanding Populations - notes and review at the beginning of the week.   Quiz Friday on Chp 8 Sec 1.


The week of 1/3/17:

Marine Ecosystems Google Slide Project - Presentations Friday - you are responsible for your slide.

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