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Ms Jones

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Classes Taught: 
English 10, Speech, Journalism, Career Internship


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English 10

Course Description: This course is a combined study of world literature, analysis of literary themes and elements, narrative, and persuasive composition, library skills, vocabulary studies, grammatical usage.

Course Objectives: The student will…
1.      Participate in a variety of small group activities.
2.      Make and evaluate oral presentations.
3.      Read and critique a variety of literary genres.
4.      Develop and critique a variety of writings.
5.      Participate in a research project.
6.      Improve vocabulary skills.
Units of Study :Including SOL’s 10.1 (a-k), 10.2 (a-i), 10.3 (a-f), 10.4 (a-m), 10.5 (a-j), 10.6 (a-n), 10.7(a-e), 10.8 (a-f))
·         Theme 1:  Strategic Reading and Thinking
          Theme 2:  Equality
           Theme 3:  Prejudice
           Theme 4:  Survival/ Competition
           Theme 5:  Nature: Internal and External
           Theme 6:  Power and Authority
           Theme  7:  Love
           Theme  8:  Chaos
           Theme  9:  Resiliency 
Special Projects
·         Book Reports
·         Group Presentations
·         Research Reports
          Other Special Projects TBA
Materials (Bring Every Day)
·         Textbook
          3 Ring Binder/Paper/Tab Dividers
·         Composition Book
·         Pen or pencil
40%     Tests, Papers, Projects
10%     Nine Weeks Assessments
40%     Journals, Daily Grades, and Quizzes
10%     Homework

Weekly Assignments:

Monday, August 20 - Introduce Annotation, Writing Response 1, Context Vocabulary Terms

Tuesday, August 21-  Writing Response 2, Review strategies to use when annotating, Define plagiarism

Wednesday, August 23-  Writing Response 3, Practice using context vocabulary, Annotate shared reading passage

Thursday, August 24 - Writing Response 4, Students will read a passage and analyze complex vocabulary

Friday, August 25- Writing Response 5, Context Vocabulary Assessment, quiz on annotation and plagiarism

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