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Mr Jacobs

Email: (preferred contact)
434-528-6499 ext 30885
Classes Taught: 
AFDA (Algebra Functions and Data Analysis) and Computer Math

Invitations for guardians to join google classroom have gone out, please accept to get a weekly progress report.

2nd 9 week grading period began October 16.  GO LANCERS!

Working together, we will achieve success.


AFDA Syllabus

1st 9 Weeks

  • Review for Algebra 1 SOL Test retakes.
  • Organizing information and Problem solving strategies.
  • Compare and Contrast ratios and proportions
  • Linear Functions and graphs
  • Mathematical Modeling

2nd 9 Weeks

  • Analyze function families and ways to represent them.
  • Global and Local maximums and minimums
  • Graph transformations
  • Average rate of change
  • Graph intercepts
  • Lines and curves of best fit
  • Scatter Plots

3rd 9 Weeks

  • Constraints and Linear Programming Techniques
  • Systems of Inequality
  • Solving Functions
  • Domain, range, and zeroes
  • Quadratic equations
  • Variation

4th 9 Weeks

  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Personal Finance


Computer Math Syllabus

1st 9 Weeks

  • Review Algebra basics
  • Different number systems
  • Binary and Hexadecimal Conversions
  • Introduction to JavaScript

2nd 9 Weeks

  • Introduction to JavaScript

3rd 9 Weeks

  • Spreadsheets and their uses
  • SQL databases

4th 9 Weeks

  • Advanced Javascript graphics
  • 3d modeling/cad
  • 3d printing


Free Graphing Calculator App for IOS devices (for at home use)

Free Graphing Calculator App for Android devices (for at home use)

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