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Mr Martin

434-528-6499 ext 30886
Classes Taught: 
Pre-AP Geometry

Room 216


My name is Robert Martin, and I would like to welcome everyone to my teacher webpage.  On the webpage there will be access to some class documents, important dates, and other resources to help.  Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions, and I look forward to a great school year.


1st:  Planning

2nd:  Pre-AP Geometry

3rd:  Pre-AP Geometry

4th:  Pre-AP Geometry

5th:  Pre-AP Geometry

6th:  Pre-AP Geometry

7th:  Lancer Academy (138)

8/14 = Syllabus, Algebra Review (HW:  Finish Algebra Review)

8/15 = Points, Lines, and Planes Notes (HW:  Finish Notes, Algebra Review = both due tomorrow)

8/16 = Finish Points, Lines, and Planes:  Start Line Segments

8/17 = Short Line Segment Assignment, Start G.3 Distance and Midpoint (HW = Study for quiz)

8/18 = Quiz on Points, Lines, and Planes.  G.3 = Distance and Midpoint Practice

8/21 = SMART Goal Pre-Test (HW = Distance and Midpoint Activity)

8/22 = SOL G.3 Finish Distance and Midpoint Activity

8/23 = Angle Basics Notes (HW:  Angle Basics Worksheet), Quiz tomorrow Distance and Midpoint

8/24 = SOL G.3 Distance and Midpoint Quiz, Angle Relationships 

8/25 = Angle Relationships (HW:  Finish Angle Relationships)

8/28 = Finish angle Relationships/Constructions

8/29 = Go over G.3 Quiz/Assignment on angle relationships and constructions

8/30 = Quiz on Angles

8/31 = Test Review

9/1 = Test on Unit 1


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