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2021-2022 ACHS Course Scheduling

Dear Students/Families:

As we make our way through this challenging year, we begin to look ahead to the promise of the 2021-2022 school year. This week we are starting the initial stages of the course scheduling process for next school year. Initial is the keyword because we know that plans will change and evolve throughout this current school year.

In this Google site, you will find multiple resources to facilitate discussion with your student about initial course selections for next school year. When students make initial selections, those selections can continue to be modified as students learn more about different scheduling options. To select courses for next year, all students are asked to complete a Google form which can be found on the scheduling website. This form can only be accessed by the student’s email address and must be completed by Friday, March 26 at 11:59 pm so we can begin to compile important staffing information for next year.


We encourage parents and students to work together to make these important selections. Please contact your student’s school counselor at 

434-946-2815 or via email if you have any questions or are unable to access the online form.

ACHS Course Scheduling Website

ACHS Course Scheduling Instruction Video


Ms. Mary Kay McCrea, School Counselor (A-C)

Ms. Patricia Meade, School Counselor (D-J)

Ms. Lesley Clark, School Counselor (K-Ro)

Ms. Kimberly Thomas, School Counselor (Ru-Z)



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