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Fall Sports Spectator Information

Amherst County High School Athletics 

Fall Sports Spectator Information


Amherst County High School in conjunction with the Seminole District is pleased to announce we will be able to host a limited number of spectators for our Fall season athletic events. Under Executive Order 72 from the Governor, we will be limited to 25 spectators indoors and a max of 250 outdoors at this time.  Spectators will only be allowed to attend their school’s home games.  Student-athletes will be required to provide their coaches the names of guests prior to the game/meet/match. Only those individuals listed on the guest list will be allowed to enter the facility. We will not distribute physical passes, we will use the guest list to allow admission. As of right now, all admission to ACHS events is free of charge. 



We ask that you follow all of the following expectations while attending all events at ACHS:

●  Temperature and health screenings for all spectators will take place for all indoor sporting events.

●   Masks must be properly worn over the nose and mouth at all times. 

●   10 Feet of physical distancing in the stands (households can sit together as outlined in Order 72).  Please sit within the designated spots in the bleachers. Standing along the fence will not be allowed.

●   Concessions will not be available. Outside food and beverages will not be allowed in the stadium or gymnasium. 

●   Spectating from cars or outside of the stadium/field/course will not be allowed. 

●   Spectators will not be allowed to congregate before or after the event.

●   For indoor sports, all spectators will need to exit the gymnasium between the Junior Varsity and Varsity matches to allow school officials the opportunity to sanitize the area. 

●   6 ft of physical distancing will be maintained in the ticket/check-in line. 

●  Guest invitations cannot be shared or reassigned. Only those on the guest list will be allowed admission. Please note there is no exemption for children they must be listed as a guest.  

Failure to follow these expectations may result in dismissal from the event and a ban fromfuture ACHS events.

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