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Attendance Procedures 2020-2021 School Year

Attendance Procedures for the 2020-2021 School Year

Attendance Procedures for the 2020-2021 School Year

Students who are absent must provide a written note or an e-mail from their parent/guardian within three days of returning to their designated school setting (i.e. In-person or remote), stating the reason for the absence. Excused absences will only be granted for the following reasons:

  1. Medical Condition or appointment verified by a doctor’s note (Non-COVID related).
  2. An approved school-sponsored event.
  3. Death or serious illness in immediate family. The Principal or designee will also consider each individual case and any extenuating circumstances.
  4. Personal required court appearances with documentation from the Court.
  5. Approved pre-planned absences.
  6. Extenuating circumstances which are determined by the principal or designee.
  7. Personal illness, mental health, or behavioral issue verified by written notice from a parent/guardian. After 10 written notes are submitted by a parent/guardian, a doctor’s note or other documentation will be required to excuse any future absences.

*All other absences documented by a parent that are not included in the list above will be unexcused absences.

Student attendance will be taken every day, each period and on Remote Days.  There will be a drop off box for students to turn in notes/excuses to the Attendance Office, and should only be placed in the drop box.  Please make sure that the student’s first and last name are on the note(s), the date student was absent and the reason (see above).   Notes/excuses can also be emailed, instead of turning in a paper copy, to Ms. Marshall, Attendance Coordinator at   Any questions or concerns, to set up an attendance meeting or further attendance assistance please email Ms. Peters, Student Accountability Coordinator at

Procedure for Attendance on Remote Days

Students will need to fill out Google Form provided by teacher for each class for each Remote Day.  Students that do not have internet access can do their form during Scholar Time on their in class day.  If a student was unable to participate in their class on a Remote Day, a note will need to be turned in.  It will count the same as the notes for absences for in class days.

COVID Related Absences

Please contact school nurse (Charity Peters 946-2898 ext. 30230).

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