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Final Information for Commencement In Cars 5/22/20

Hello Lancer Family,


The following message includes all the final details you need to know about our Commencement in Cars ceremony. 


Click here to watch a video message from Dr. Brown 


Safety First

As we are in the midst of a global pandemic, safety and social responsibility must be a top priority for all. We all must adhere to social distancing guidelines and it is critical that everyone remains in their cars and resist the urge to gather together. Do not get out of your vehicles other than to use the restroom.  We are asking graduates not to shake hands or hug anyone while you are on campus. We will be providing a custom Amherst mask for all graduates and teachers. We ask that graduates wear your mask while waiting to walk across the stage for the protection of our volunteers and yourself. You can remove your mask for the picture if you feel safe doing so. If you have your own mask you can wear that as well as long and it is not inappropriate or vulgar. 



Lancer Lane and all parking lots will not open until 4:30 p.m. Do not arrive before  4:30 p.m.  We will be parking our staff and volunteers during that time. You will not be admitted on campus if you arrive early. All guests and seniors need to arrive before 5:30 p.m. The guest lot will be closed at 5:30 PM and nobody else will be admitted after 5:30 p.m.  Lancer Lane will close at 5:30 p.m. and will not reopen to any traffic other than seniors.  


Parking Video 

Click here to see where to park.


Senior Arrival, Parking, and Walking

During Graduation rehearsal all seniors were given a senior parking pass with their name and parking spot. Place that pass on the dashboard when you arrive at the school. That will signal to our police officers to let your car into the parking lot.  We will have school representatives stationed in the parking lot to help seniors and their families find their spots and park their vehicles. 


Seniors who were unable to participate in the rehearsal, but who are planning on participating in Commencement, should contact their administrator on Friday, May 22nd by 5:00 p.m., to receive information about where to park and the expectations for the event.  


Seniors need to have someone drive them to the stage and they need to ride on the passenger side. 


When preparing to walk:


  • Seniors will exit their car when they are five cars from the stage. (School personnel will be present and will motion for you to exit your vehicle.)

  • Stand beside your car.

  • A school employee will lead you to the stage.

  • The driver will stop the car at the beginning of the stage.

  • The graduate walks across the stage.

  • When told to proceed, The driver will drive to the other side of the stage to pick up your graduate.


Guest Parking Lot

 NO CAR WILL BE ALLOWED ON CAMPUS WITHOUT A TICKET. All guests, regardless of the number on their ticket, will park in our guest parking lot.  Parking will be on a first-come, first-served basis and we will have parking attendants directing your cars to their spots.  When entering the guest parking lot, be prepared to give staff your senior’s name.  Tickets can not be shared and only one car per senior will be permitted into the guest lot.  No one except school employees will be allowed on Lancer Lane or the front parking lot until 4:30. The road and parking lot will be closed at 5:30. NO GUEST WILL BE ADMITTED AFTER 5:30.  Guests must remain in their vehicles unless using the restroom. Guest cars must remain in the guest lot until the conclusion of the ceremony. Cars will not be dismissed until the end of the ceremony. There will only be one exit for our graduates to leave and it will be controlled by a law enforcement officer. If you feel like you will not be able to stay in the guest lot the entire ceremony you may want to consider parking along the parade route on Main St. and watching the live stream on your device. That way you can leave whenever you are ready. 


Car and Cap Decorations

Seniors and guests are encouraged to decorate their vehicles. All decorations must be safely secured to each vehicle. Any participants or guests with cars containing decorations that are considered vulgar, political, or divisive will be asked to remove them. Decorations that may obstruct the view of others are also prohibited. Please refer to the guidelines distributed at rehearsal. 


When seniors arrive at their parking space, cap and car decorations will be inspected and approved. They will be inspected again upon approach to the guest parking lot and right before seniors walk across the stage.  


Large vehicles like limousines and 15 passenger vans will not be allowed. Vehicles pulling trailers also are not acceptable due to limited space. While here at the school seniors and/or family members are allowed to ride on the back of pickup trucks, but must do so in a safe manner and stay seated while the vehicle is moving.


How to Watch and Listen 


All information can be found on our Amherst County High School Website (click here)

You can click here to watch the graduation PRE-show (starts 4:00 PM 5/23/20) 

You can click here to watch the Commencement in Cars ceremony (starts 6:00 PM 5/23/20) 

You can click here to watch live on our Facebook page

We will broadcast the audio on an FM radio station on the day of graduation. We will not have that station number until Saturday but you will be able to find that station number on our website (click here). We will also have signs in the parking lot with the station numbers. 


Prohibited (applies to all attendees)

 All tobacco products (including vapes and e-cigarettes), alcohol, and illegal drugs are prohibited on Amherst County School property, even in your cars. 

Please refrain from playing loud music and offensive or vulgar music. Many families will be watching the live stream of the ceremony and we would hate for someone to miss their graduate because of loud music or other distractions. 



Treat this as a family road trip. Bring your phones fully charged or bring a phone charger. We recommend that you bring water and snacks. If you have young children in the car consider bringing games to keep them entertained.



Students who violate the guidelines that have been established will not receive their diploma and will be required to meet with ACHS administration next week in order to obtain it. 



The football stadium restrooms will be open during the ceremony. School personnel will be stationed outside the restrooms and only 10 people will be allowed in the restrooms at a time. The restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the ceremony by our custodians. We will have the same procedures in place for restrooms in the front of the school. Those restrooms can be accessed from the small top front parking lot to the right of the flag pole (follow the signs). Please seek out a school employee for direction on where to go to use the restroom.  



 After students receive their diploma they will drive out of the back exit of the junior lot (McAdams Rd) where a police escort will lead the first graduates as a parade of seniors through the Town of Amherst. The road will not be closed so seniors can drive all the way through town. The route will start by taking a right off of McAdams Rd, down S. Main St., through the traffic circle down N. Main St, then cars will exit onto 29-bypass. Friends, family, and community members will be encouraged to park along the parade route to honk and cheer our newest Amherst graduates through the Town of Amherst. Please do not congregate and stay in your cars. It is important to practice social distancing. 



 We are encouraging our community to creatively support our seniors all over the county. We would love to see signs of support and congratulations for the class of 2020 on business signs, billboards, churches, and front yards. We want our seniors to see that our community loves and supports them, and we hope that they see signs of that everywhere they look as they drive to graduation!

Commencement plans are subject to change depending on local, state, and/or federal restrictions.


We are looking forward to celebrating with our seniors and their families.  The class of 2020 has worked diligently to earn their diploma, and we are happy to be able to conduct a ceremony in their honor.  


Thank you 


Annnnndddddd Go Lancers!


Dr. Derrick Brown

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