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Mr Gagnon

434-528-6499 ext 30802
Classes Taught: 
Sports Med I & II

Monday: Finish Chapter 2 presentation. Have students complete worksheet pertaining to Chapter 1 & 2. Review for quiz Tues.


Tues: Quiz over Chapter 1&2.  Begin Chapter 3 Anatomy. Definition of anatomy, types of tissue, skeletal function and purpose.


Wednesday: Hand back corrected material. Have students review missed material from quiz. Continue with anatomy lecture on body movements and types of joints. 

Lab: Arch Taping


Thursday: Continue anatomy lecture on  muscle types and functions. Have students demonstrate bodily planes and movement terms from previous lecture. Have students create a thinking map linking bodily movement terms with muscles creating them.


Friday: Finish anatomy chapter and have students fill out anatomy packet. Hand out movement term worksheet and review for quiz next week. 

Lab: ankle, arch Achilles taping 



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