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Ms Saunders

(434) 946-2898
Classes Taught: 
Government, Resource, Social Skills

Lelia Mays Saunders, M.Ed.

Special Education Leader Teacher

Junior Class Sponsor

Cheer Coach


1st period:  Resource

2nd period:  Resource

3rd period:  Resource

Students use Resource to increase study skills and focus on specific SOL preparation.  For questions about individual student concerns, please call or email me.  The best time to reach me is between 1:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon.

4th period:  Government with Mr. Crawford

Please refer to his website for weekly information!


September 26, 2015 - HOMECOMING DANCE

November 21, 2015- JUNIOR RING DANCE

March 12, 2016- PROM 2016

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