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Mrs. K. Miller

434-528-6499 ext 20816
Classes Taught: 
Algebra I and Algebra Enrichment

Welcome to Mrs. Miller's Algebra 1 Web Page

Algebra 1 Syllabus

Algebra 1/Enrichment Syllabus

Pacing Guide

Instuctions for loading the TI-84 Plus calculators on your home computer


Weekly Lessons & Homework:

3/11 - Monday:  Intro to Radicals; hw: chp 10 pg 4&5

3/12 - Tuesday:  Monomial Radicals; hw: chp 10 pg 8&9

3/13 - Wednesday:  Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying Radicals; hw: chp 10 pg 12&13

3/14 - Thursday: Finish up work for the week/Quiz Review; hw: chp 10 quiz review

3/15 - Friday:  Quiz Review/Quiz;no hw


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